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Differential Scanning Calorimeter DW5461HA/HB/HC

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Differential Scanning Calorimeter, also named DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter or Differential Thermal Analysis is a thermo analytical technique in which the difference in the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of a sample and reference is measured as a function of temperature.

Differential Scanning Calorimeter DW5461HA/HB/HC

DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter is mainly measure the changes of physical and chemical with the heat, such as the glass transition temperature, melting point, melting temperature, crystallization and heat of crystallization, phase transition of the reaction heat, the thermal stability, the curing/cross-linking, oxidation induction time, and amount of water absorbed by polymers and so on.

Follows are features of Differential Scanning Analyzer

  • Automatic temperature control mode: heat up, hold and cool down;
  • Cooling model: air-cooled for DW5461A, mechanical cooling system for DW5461B and liquid-nitrogen cooling system for DW5461C
  • Gas velocity: 10 ~ 200ml/min, adjustable;
  • Air flow Controlling: Static or dynamic atmosphere with gas flow control device;
  • Large LCD, real-time display theoretical temperature, actual temperature and working time;
  • Automatically stop heating up and automatically cooling when the set temperature is reached;
  • Test results can be outputted by PC or printer;
  • Easy operation software with user-friendly characteristic;
  • DSC diagram plus printing & filing capability of testing results;
  • Excellent performance on repeatability and accuracy, particularly for accurate measurement of specific heat;


Application of Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Differential Scanning Calorimeter with self-developed constant temperature controller, constant temperature gas chromatography, mass spectrometry connector and constant temperature zone to guarantee the secondary detection for tar and various reacted gas (optional for using the instrument with the chromatograph);

Intelligent design of test software, the instrument can draw the curve of whole process and the test software can carry out data-processing, such as the calculation of enthalpy, glass transition temperature, oxidation induction time, the melting point and crystallization, etc;

My company self-developed thermal analyzer series products mainly for industrial users, scientific research and teaching, and widely used in all kinds of materials and the field of chemical product research and development, quality control and process optimization.


Differential Scanning Calorimeter standards

GB/T 19466 ISO 11357

Key specification

Key specification of Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Temperature range Room temperature~1150℃ for DW5461A
-20℃~680℃(Mechanical cooling system) for DW5461B
-150℃~680℃(Liquid-nitrogen cooling system)for DW5461C
Temperature accuracy ±0.1℃
Heating rate 0.1℃/min~80℃/min
Temperature repeatability ±0.1℃
DSC measuring range ±200mW (can be set from software)
Cooling model Air-cooled for DW5461A
Mechanical cooling system for DW5461B
Liquid-nitrogen cooling system for DW5461C
DSC power noise ±0.1μW
DSC power accuracy ±0.1μW
Display model LCD display
Crucible capacity 0.06ml
Crucible material Ceramic (Al2O3) and high-purity Aluminum
Standard material Indium, Tin, Lead, Zinc and Aluminum for calibrating temperature and enthalpy
Gas system Gas mass flow controller and automatic gas-switch system
Power supply AC220V 50Hz


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