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Lab Melt Spinning Machine DW7090A

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DW7090A Lab Melt Spinning Machine is applicable to

verify the spinning possibility of materials with melting point

below 300℃ and explore the spinning performance parameters

of materials. It is suitable for the simple principle teaching

experiment with small amount in the laboratory of scientific

research institutions

Lab Melt Spinning Machine DW7090A

FYI Lab Melt Spinning Machine with affordable price.The polymer was heated and melted by a three-stage cast copper heating ring, and the gas was compressed to protect the gas continuously and quantitatively.It is extruded evenly from the capillary pores of the spinneret and becomes a liquid stream and then forming the primary fiber under the condensation of air.

Follows are features of Lab Melt Spinning Machine:

  • With a see-through organic glass door, convenient for observation;
  • The feed cylinder made of thickened 316 stainless steel, making heating more uniform;
  • The temperature of material is monitored in real time, with highest heating temperature up to 400℃, accurate controlling accuracy of ±0.5℃;
  • Extensible structure, can add melt pump, mixing function, etc.


Application of Lab Melt Spinning Machine

Lab Melt Spinning Machine is used for spinning chemical fiber by melting polyester chip

It including rotation winding system and Jetting device .

A:  material:

Add the polymer that has been dried and treated with a funnel.

B:  seal:

Cover the reactor lid, check the exhaust valve in the closed state, and check that the cap screw has been tightened

C: sample protection:

In the heating process, the exhaust valve can be opened, and the small amount of inert gas can be protected in the kettle.

D: heating melt:

Close the discharge valve, fastening material tube at the bottom of the spinneret wind deflector, set the target temperature (the temperature control instrument for 6 program temperature control table, temperature – time programming method was adopted to realize the temperature control, able to set the heating and cooling slope is very wide) reliable temperature rise high into the target temperature

This Melt Spinning Machine is suit for lab use . If you need more Melt Spinning Machine .please contact with us.


Standard of Lab Melt Spinning Machine 

Key specification

Key specification of Lab Melt Spinning Machine 

Rotary winding system
Rotary winding system roller (Drive ratio: 2:1)
Adjustable speed 0~2800r/min
Wrapping post capacity 120mm width
Max. diameter of post Ф320mm
Replaceable structure
Jetting device
Total power 3kw
High precision temperature sensor Controlling accuracy ±0.5℃
Highest heating temperature 400℃
Outside dimension 600×600×1500mm(L×W×H)



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