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Lab Melt Spinning Machine DW7090D

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Lab Melt Spinning Machine is ideal for simulating site production in small batch production trials. It mainly consists of melt spinning part, oiling & winding part, drive system and measure & control part.

Lab Melt Spinning Machine DW7090D

Melt spinning machine is a main chemical fiber spinning machine, suitable for producing nylon, polypropylene, polyester, etc. The polymer solidifies into fiber by cooling after being extruded from the spinneret. The professional custom melt spinning machine is an ideal equipment for simulating the production of small batch production. It equipped with different single hole and porous spinnerets, accurately adjustable speed, temperature control and many other technical parameters.

Follows are features of Lab melt spinning machine:

1.Melt spinning device
Heating power of extruding screw 3kw
Screw diameter Ф25mm
Temperature range Room Temperature~320℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.5℃
Pressure sensor accuracy of extrusion measuring head 0.1N
Max. temperature of metering pump 400℃
Flow of metering pump 2.4cc/rev
Spinneret plate 24 holes, hole dia.: 0.1mm,

Outer diameter: 90mm

Dimension of cross blowing device 150×150mm
2.Oiling & winding system
Oil roller speed 300~1000m/min
Temperature range of heating godet 70~200℃
Heating godet diameter Ф125mm
Heating godet length 125mm
Winding head speed 300~1000m/min
Winding roll capacity 120mm
Max. winding roll diameter Ф320mm
3.Drive system


Application of Lab Melt Spinning Machine

Melt spinning machine is used for spinning 2dtex~20dtex chemical fiber by melting polyester chip. . It with PC remote control, interface display: extrusion speed, hot roll speed, winding speed, metering pump speed, temperature display all necessary alarm and signal

so please check which one meet with your enquiry in advance. Here I listed mainly use as belows :

  1. Teaching Demo;
  2. General Test;
  3. Single Component Precison Test;
  4. Double Component Composite Spinning;
  5. Single Component Test/Production;
  6. Double Component Test/Production;
  7. Staple Fiber Test/Production;
  8. Non Woven Fabric Test/Production;
  9. Industrialization Simulation;

 If you need more about small batch Melt Spinning Machine. please send email or contact with us directly.


Lab Melt Spinning Machine standards

Key specification

Key specification of Lab Melt Spinning Machine

Extruding screw Material: high temperature alloy tool steel, heating power: 3kw
Extrusion measuring head Pressure sensor accuracy: 0.1N, temperature sensor accuracy: ±0.5℃
Melt metering pump Heating power: 3kw, flow: 2.4cc/min
Heating furnace Power: 3kw, material: 304 shell, crystal fiber furnace
Spinneret plate 24 holes, hole dia.: 0.1mm
Cross blowing device Sheet metal material: 304, size:150×150mm
Rotary oiling device Material: PA6, speed: 300~1000m/min
Heating godet Temperature range: 70~200℃, speed range: 100~500m/min
Winding head Speed range: 300~1000m/min, Max. dia.: Ф320mm
Metering pump motor/ frequency converter AC220V 0.3KW
Extruding motor AC220V 2.2KW
Heating godet motor AC220V 0.45KW
Rotary oiling motor AC220V 0.45KW


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