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Mixcomber DW7010MX

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DW7010MX Mixicomber is the ideal equipment for opening and mixing various kinds of textile fibers, both natural and artificial, impurities are removed, in order to produce clean and homogenous fiber samples. Just weigh a small amount of fiber samples by means of an electronic balance and feed into the mixicomber, remove the obtained web and pass it another several times through the machine.

Mixcomber DW7010MX 

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DW7010MX Mixcomber is used for opening and mixing different kinds of textile fibers.

Follows are features of mixcomber:

  • Wide application, suitable for wool, cotton, polyester, silk, etc.
  • Compact structure and small space. Easy to use and reduce cost.
  • It mainly consists of feeding roller, cylinder, working roller, stripping roller, doffer, chopper and output roller.Its working effect is perfect;
  • The working roller and stripping roller parts will work with cylinder, to open and mix the fiber again;
  • The doffer is used to transfer the fiber on the cylinder to the next working roller;
  • The chopper is use to strip the fiber web from doffer;
  • The output roller will wind the fiber web.
  • Electrical integrated control, easy to maintain;
  • Air gun easy to clean the machine (Customer provide air compressor).


Application of laboratory carding machine

DW7010MX Mixcomber is used to feed cotton fiber to make carding and remove the impurities, then output cotton sliver. It’s the ideal system for teaching, researching, etc.

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Standards of laboratory carding machine

Key specification

Key specification of laboratory carding machine

Suitable fibers Wool, cotton, polyester, silk, etc.
Cylinder diameter 248mm
Working width 480mm
Cylinder rotation speed 100rpm
Working width 160mm
Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz, single phase
Dimensions 850×500×350mm (L×W×H)
Net weight 110kg


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