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Ring Stiffness Tester DW1411

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Ring Stiffness Tester, also named ISO 9969-2007 Thermoplastics Pipes or Ring Stiffness Testing Machine, it is used to determine thermoplastic pipe ring stiffness which with a circular cross section. It can also be applied to flat experiment, ring flexibility experiment, etc. The instrument meets the requirement of test standards for PE double-wall corrugated pipe, coil pipe and all kinds of plastic.

Ring Stiffness Tester DW1411

Ring Stiffness Tester With overload, over-current, over-voltage and over temperature protection function, and is equipped with pipe inner diameter measurement system, can accurately measuring inner diameter changes of the pipes;

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Follows are features of Ring Stiffness Tester

  • PC software control machine, the operation is simple. the transmission system with distributed control system composed of PC and single chip microcomputer control digital ac servo motor, to control the beam move up and down according to standard requirements speed , pressure on the pipe sample by sample clamp.
  • Force value detection part adopts piecewise linear correction method ensures the machine of high precision, high stability;
  • The software provide function: test parameter set, the standard input, measurement, data analysis, experiment curve color Set, process control, print test reports, test reports export to HTML web pages, and other functions.
  • In process of test, you can open multiple test records and can do all operations.
  • The software provide: force – displacement, stress – strain, stress – displacement, displacement – time strain- time and etc. type curve, and provides a curve archived bitmap, curve smoothing, zoom, coordinate system configuration, and many other functions.
  • Free to add or remove regular parameters. Using the latest agreement, data fault-tolerant ability is stronger.
  • Software provides online update, convenient to upgrade your software system, and provide a feedback module, help you solve your problems.


Application of Ring Stiffness Tester

Ring Stiffness Tester is used to plastic underground drainpipe comprehensive parameters of external pressure load resistance. In order to ensure the safety of plastic underground drainpipe and outer pressure loads, the choice of ring stiffness is one of the key in design. If the ring stiffness of the pipe is too small, the tube may be too large deformation or buckling failure. On the contrary, if the ring stiffness is too high, it must be used too much of the moment of inertia, which will result in too much material and too high cost.

It is a necessary testing instrument for the scientific research institutes, quality inspection departments and tubing manufacturers.

Ring Stiffness Tester complies with ISO 9969, EN ISO 9967, BS EN 1979, ASTM D2122, GB/T9647 etc international and retailer standards.

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Standards of Ring Stiffness Tester

ISO 9969 EN 12293 BS EN 1979
ASTM D2122 GB/T9647


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Ring Stiffness Tester

Maximum load value 30KN
Load accuracy <±1%
Force display resolution 1N
Suitable diameter (inside diameter) range Ф300mm~Ф2000mm
Move speed(stepless) 0.5mm/min~200mm/min
Return speed 200 mm/min
Speed tolerance <±1%
Displacement accuracy 0.01mm
Instrument dimension (L×W×H) 1360mmX650mmX3600mm
Power supply 220VAC 50HZ
Need environment temperature 10℃~40℃
Need environment humidity 30%—80%


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