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Scorch and Sublimation Tester YG605M

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FYI is one of the Scorch and Sublimation Tester suppliers in the world, we offer high quality scorch tester with affordable price. The sublimation tester is of independent R&D, we provide not only good quality products, but also best after sales service.

Scorch and Sublimation Tester 

We provide reasonable price and high quality scorch and sublimation tester. All of testing instruments manufactured by FYI factory are well-known throughout China and more than 50 countries abroad for providing superior value and performance.

Follows are features of the scorch tester

  • Equipped MCU to control time and temperature;
  • Scorch tester with LCD display temperature and time;
  • Aluminum alloy top and bottom heating plate which treated with grinding, sandblasting and oxidation to ensure the good coupling of heating block and specimen;
  • PTFE die-casting molding insulator around the heating block, excellent insulativity and make sure good uniformity of temperature.

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Application of Scorch and Sublimation Tester 

Scorch and Sublimation Tester is used to determine color fastness to hot pressing and dry heat and to conduct sublimation tests. Providing controlled conditions of dry heat and pressure with top and bottom heated surfaces, electronic temperature controller and carefully controlled top plate weight.

Two separate heating coil for top or bottom hot plate, can be individually operated under comprehensive standards. It equipped with 3 group heat blocks can be individually controlled heat and work.

Scorch Tester complies with etc international and retailer standards.

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Standards of Scorch and Sublimation Tester 

Key specification

Key Specification of Scorch and Sublimation Tester 

Heating surface dimension 5in×5in
Range and precision of temperature room temperature~230℃; ≤±2℃
Test pressure 4±1KPa
Timer range 0~99S
Power supply AC220V 50Hz 2A 450W (or specified by user)
Instrument size main device350×250×210 mm(L×W×H)
Controller:320×300×120 mm (L×W×H)
Instrument Weight 19kg


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