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Durawash Washing Fastness Tester SW-12M

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Durawash Color Fastness to Washing can be used to examine the dye washing color fastness capability for dyeing industries, dye industries, textiles inspection department and research departments. And complies fulfill with the requirement of the common test standards, such as ISO 105 C01~06, ISO 105D01, AATCC 61(1A-5A),BS, JIS, etc.

Durawash Washing Fastness Tester SW-8A/12A  

Washing Fastness Tester main test fabric dyeing wash color fastness which meet with AATCC 61(1A-5A), 132 ,ISO 105-C01~C05, ISO105-D01

GB/T3921.1~5, GB/T5711,BS1006. It can also be used to test the color fastness of dyes. .

Follows are Durawash Color Fastness to Washing specification :

  • Chamber temperature and heating time are controlled by MCU with PID function, more excellent stability and avoid over-heating;
  • Double working chamber, the temperature, working time, rotation state and drainage  of both chambers are controlled independent;
  • Chamber temperature and heating time are controlled by MCU with PID function, more excellent stability and avoid over-heating;
  • Equipped with SIEMENSTM solid-state relay to control heater, no mechanical touch point, keep constant temperature, low noise, and more endurable;
  • Digital timer with audible warning after cycle time is over;
  • Fitted with over temperature protection device to shut down the unit in case of overheating;
  • Chamber temperature and cycle time pre-settable and duly displayed on the LED panel;
  • Stainless steel construction of water bath chamber, test chamber and washing pots;
  • Equipped with water level detection and protection system for two working chamber to avoid damage for low water level.


Application of Washing Fastness Tester

Washing Fastness Tester is mainly used for testing textile washing fade discoloration experimental instrument, widely used in textile industry application, the main principle of washing fastness tester is simulated water situation, analysis the washing fastness of textiles.

The face and all the liquid contacted parts are made by high quality stainless steel. The rotation frame derived by the gear wheels. The active gear fixed to the interior work room. Pull out the active gear and rotation frame and let active gear joints with passive gear, then the rotation frame can rotates. And if pull in the active gear, the active gear separate away from the passive gear. At this time, we can take out the rotation frame. And clean the dirt in the workroom. It also need consumable .

Consumable is as belows:

SDC detergent(phosphate containing),Multi-fiber Adjacent Fabric Style DW/10A, SDC for ISO 105-C06,Multi-fiber Fabric Style 1 for AATCC 61,

Gray scale for ISO (Color staining),Gray scale for ISO (Color change) .


The machine accords with AATCC 61(1A-5A), 132 ,ISO105-C01~C05, ISO105-D01,GB/T 3921.1~5, GB/T 5711,BS 1006, IWS TM177, 193

If you need more information about Weathering Test Equipment, please contact with us.


Washing Fastness Tester Standard

ISO105-C01~C05 AATCC 61 BS 1006 GB/T 3921
GB/T 5711 IWS TM177, 193


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected]
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Washing Fastness Tester

Wash pot volume 550mL (For ISO)
1200mL (For AATCC)
Number of wash pot 12 (For ISO)
6 (For AATCC)
Rotating speed: 40±2r/min
Max test time: 0~999min±5s
Range of temperature: room temperature~99.9℃
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Power of heater 4.5kW each
Power of motor 180W×2
Power supply: AC380V 50Hz 20A(3 phases)
Instrument dimension 980×760×1060mm ( L×W×H)
Weight 170kg


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