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What is small wool carding machine and wool spinning systems ?

1.1 Wool spinning several systems and typical processes. 

1.1.1. Rough Wool carding system including:  Primary treatment of washing wool→oil wool combing→Wool Carding Machine→Small wool spinning machine→ Wool Cone machine

1.1.2  Wool Combing System including : Process of dyeing products: primary processing of wool→manufacturing of wool →recombing of dyeing→ pre-spinning →post-spinning and pre-weaving

A typical spinning process for a dyeing product is as belows:

*Choose the hair with hair  → open washing drying – →and hair go to carding → tops and wool top two head needle to wool top three stitches →combing → at the end of the wool top wool top four needle pine cone to install cylinder → a dye to dehydration → after washing to comb – →drawing head article mixed needle → the top three stitches – →recombing  → article mix  → at the end of the wool top wool top four needle mixed article – →drawing  →drawing two needle  →drawing three head needle to four needle drawing →roving yarn  →doubling  → twisting – →(yarn steaming) → winding  Process of 2 dyeing products  

Primary wool processing→sliver manufacturing→ pre spinning →after spinning→ quasi weaving → dyeing → finishing → finished product

Spinning process of typical dyeing products:

Choose the hair with hair→ open washing drying → and hair go to carding→tops the comb →wool top two head needle to wool top three stitches→ combing →at the end of the wool top wool top four needle→article mix →article mix→drawing→drawing two head needle → drawing three stitches →four needles to roving→spinning→drawing and lines to twisting→(yarn steaming) →winding →(to be automatic winding to electronic lines, twisting)

1.1.2 .3. Half worsted system

Primary wool  → primary processing  →scouring  →combing → needlework 2-3 channels  → roving  → spinning →wool and, twisting →winding (including steamed yarn) →wool yarn

1.2 Worsted wool spinning process 

This section focuses on mastering the main processes of wool top manufacturing, front spinning and back spinning.

A, raw material

Wool, special animal wool, chemical fiber, etc

B: Manufacturing process and quality control of wool top

with MAO:

1) wool matching

Worsted wool blending is divided into two stages. The first stage is made of woolen sliver.

2) the comb bar matching principle

Selection of main length

The main body hair is usually selected from the shorter length of the fleece. The main body wool should account for more than 70% of the total matching wool, when the wool bundle for the longer wool, can be mixed with a small amount of shorter wool. The length of the woollen bundle fitted with the woollen bundle shall not exceed 20mm length of the main woollen bundle. The fine branch hair with length above 95mm should not be used as the main body hair. For the wool that has little difference in quality and no more than 10mm in length, the main part can be arranged to match the wool.

Depth fineness selection

The difference between average hair fineness of the mating wool and the main wool should be controlled within 2 compartments.

Note: the processing will make the wool thick

The content of soft bristles and thick lumens

The crude cavity content decreases after processing.

Note: control the content of weak knots.


Properly master according to the conditions. Color and feel of wine

The raw material color and the hand induction to be closer to each other.

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