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Automatical Fabric Stiffness Tester FY207

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Automatic Fabric stiffness tester, also named stiffness tester or fabric stiffness tester. FYI is one of the best suppliers for stiffness tester in the world, we offer good quality products with affordable price.

Automatical Fabric Stiffness Tester FY207

We provide reasonable price and high quality  automatical fabric stiffness tester.All of testing instruments manufactured by FYI factory are well-known throughout China and more than 50 countries abroad for providing superior value and performance.

Follows are features of the tester

  • Fully automatic measure bending height of fabrics up to 0.1mm resolution with help of laser device and dully displayed on LCD panel;
  • Automatic sample holder;
  • Automatic return function after a test;
  • More uniform speed to ensure accurate testing result;
  • Equipped with 3 types of virtual slope, 41. 5°, 43°, 45°;
  • Print out the test result by stylus printer.(Optional)


Application ofAutomatical Fabric Stiffness Tester

FY207 Automatic Fabric Stiffness Tester is designed to determine the bending height, flexural rigidity and bending modulus of fabrics by simple procedures and calculation, and suitable for stiffness testing of cotton, wool, silk, ramie and chemical fabrics.

If you need more information about fabric stiffness tester. Please contact with us


Standards of Automatical Fabric Stiffness Tester

STANDARDS GB/T 18318 ISO 9073-7 ASTM D1388


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected]
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Automatical Fabric Stiffness Tester

Measuring point 41. 5°, 43°, 45°
Elongation range 5~200mm
Length resolution 0.1mm
Dimension of working table 40×250mm
Pressing board size 25×250mm
Pressing board speed 3~5mm/s


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