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Bomb Calorimeter OBC-1A

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The OBC-1A Bomb Calorimeter is made for measuring the calorific value of combustible substances as coal, fuel oil, building supplies, feed, wood, food, garbage, etc.

Bomb Calorimeter OBC-1A

OBC-1A Bomb Calorimeter is designed for calorific value measurement of combustible materials, such as coal, fuel oil, building materials, fodder, wood, food, waste, etc.

A certain amount of sample is burned in the oxygen bomb filled with excess oxygen, the heat released makes the temperature of the whole calorimetric system (including oxygen bomb, inner cylinder and water in the inner cylinder, stirrer and thermometer) rise; Then the calorific value of the sample is calculated according to the heat capacity of the calorimeter, the temperature rise of the calorimetric system and the mass of the sample.

Follows are features of the machine.

  • It adopts technology of single chip machine, touch screen and Windows system.
  • The test procedure is fully automatic. After placing the sample and inputting the right parameters, the instrument will finish all the procedures without manual interference.
  • It adopts sealed oxygen bomb. The whole structure adopts stainless steel. The strength is enough to resist 20MPa hydrostatic test under room temperature.
  • The inner water container is made of stainless steel. With electric stirrer to make sure the uniform temperature in water bath.

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Application of Bomb Calorimeter OBC-1A

The calorific value of the sample is determined using the heat capacity of the calorimeter, the temperature rise of the calorimetric system, and the mass of the sample. A portion of the sample is burned in an oxygen bomb that is overflowing with oxygen, releasing heat that raises the temperature of the entire calorimetric system, including the oxygen bomb, inner cylinder, and water in the inner cylinder, stirrer, and thermometer.

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Standards of Bomb Calorimeter OBC-1A



Note: this tester can conform to but not limit to the standards above, for more standards conformance, please contact us.

Key specification

Key Specification of Bomb Calorimeter OBC-1A

Heat capacity (14,000~15,000) J/K                                                                                     
Resolution 0.001K
Measuring range (10~35)℃
Measurement accuracy ≤±60J/g
Repeatability error ≤0.2%
Pressure endurance of bomb 20MPa
Display Touch screen
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz
Total power consumption ≤150W
Ambient requirement Temperature: (15~28)℃, the fluctuation is not more than 1℃ during one test;

Relative humidity: ≤85%

Dimensions 600*480*460mm(L*W*H)


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