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Lab Screw Extruder DW5131

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Lab Screw Extruder ,also named Pelletizer or Lab Extruder which can be divided into right Angle and bevel head, depending on the direction of the flow direction and the Angle of the center line of the screw. The nose of the shell is usually fixed on the fuselage with bolt.


Lab Screw Extruder DW5131

Lab twin-screw pelletizing extrusion system can be applied to  the pelletizing extrusion of various kinds of plastics, as well as possessing fundamental characteristics such as plasticizing, homogeneous melting, color proofing, filling modification, etc, suitable for polymer processing.

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Follows are features of Lab Screw Extruder

  • Screw diameter: 20mm, 25mm, 30 mm, 35mm (optional); Screw L/D: 10 ~ 40 times (optional);
  • The screws and charging barrel, made of chromium-molybdenumalloy tool steel 40CrNiMo, are processed with nitriding, hardening and tempering, chromium plating and ultra-precision grinding to meet the requirements of high stiffness and strong resistance to abrasion and corrosion.
  • Based on building block principle, the twin-screw is composed of screw-conveying blocks, milling blocks, shearing blocks, remilling blocks,etc. These screw elements, composed of kneading blocks with different alternate angles and widths, can supply different shearing forces and achieve the mixing effect required in production of a variety of materials, as well as can be scheduled and combined according to different materials.
  • Twin-screw elements are equipped with self-cleaning function, for example cleaning up each other when rotating at a high speed in order to reduce the waste of materials and cleaning time.


Application of Lab Screw Extruder

Lab Screw Extruder can be applied to the mixing, plasticizing and extrusion of engineering plastics, modified plastics, masterbatch and other high polymers with the features of uniformly dispersed, plastics coloring and filling to modify. It can be used in laboratory tests, quality control, teaching research and small-scale production.

The efficiency of small extruder in laboratory is mainly reflected in high output, low energy consumption and low manufacturing cost. In terms of function, extruder has been not only used in polymer extrusion molding and mixing process, its use has been widened to food, feed, electrode, explosives, building materials, packaging, pulp, ceramics and other fields.

The modular production of small extruder can meet the special requirements of different users, shorten the research and development cycle of new products, and strive for greater market share. And specialized production extrusion equipment for each system module components can be arrange designated production even for global purchasing, this to ensure the quality of the whole period, reduce cost, accelerate the capital turnover is very favorable.

Lab Screw Extruder complies with many international and retailer standards.

If you need more information about Lab Screw Extruder Testing Machine. Please contact with us.


Lab Screw Extruder standards

Key specification

Key specification of Lab Screw Extruder

Output According to the raw material formulation process
Screw diameter Φ35
Screw L/D 1: 40
Screw rotating speed 0-120 rpm
Direction of screws Parallel corotating
Screw Mandrel:40CrNiMoA
(chromium-molybdenum alloy tool steel)
Screw elements: W6Mo5Cr4V2 Hardness≥60HRC
(Abrasion-resistance alloy steel )
Including conveying, mixing, shearing, banburying, kneading, refluxing blocks and building block series connecting components, scheduled and combined according to different materials to meet the need of different extrusion process.
Charging barrel 5 segments
38CrMoAl Hardness≥60HRC; Ra≤0.4μm
(Nitriding steel forging)
Feeder Screw feeding way and vibration feeding way which makes material to be flowing easily;
Feeding speed: 0 ~ 50 rpm (adjustable frequency conversion);
Sliding connection between feeder and main motor makes it convenient to clean the screw;
Feeding is stable, difficult to bridge.
Driving motor Precision heavy load geared motor;
Output power control of constant torque.
Main frame Overall frame are welded by high quality profile steel, strong enough and resistant to deformation;
Movable truckles, with optional brake, fixed at the bottom of the frame make it convenient to install and move.
Safety protection Overpressure alarming;
Automatic running and stopping control;
Booting sequence control


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