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Pneumatic Cutter DW1111

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Pneumatic Cutter,also named cutting machine which suit for fabric cutter safety engineering. Pneumatic Cutter is used to cut out circular or dumb-bell shape specimens of fixed diameter rapidly, accurately and safely. Virtually any type material can be accommodated, including woven, non-woven and knitted textiles, carpet, film, foam, plastics, paper and board etc.


Pneumatic Cutter

Pneumatic cutter : with the safe and clean high-pressure air source power and various kinds of high steel knife models, the problem of time-consuming and laborious cutting of samples in the normal work of the laboratory is solved, which ensures the smooth running of various tests and the perfect and reliable samples.

Follows are features of sample cutter :

  • Steel body with pneumatic cylinder;
  • Pneumatic drive, sample can be cut out rapidly and safely;
  • Various shapes diecan be used to prepare sample, special shape die can be customized.


Application of fabric cutter

Different high steel tool dies are suitable for cutting all kinds of samples, such as weight, wear-resisting, pilling, strength, washing, stiffness, static electricity, dip, drape, etc., for cutting all kinds of round and irregular samples of wool, cotton, chemical fiber, knitting, etc.

This cutting machine can makes samples for Tensile, It  is  easy to operate and suitable for many kinds of knife die

Fixed the knife to the cutting machine, put the Nylon board on the lower base of the cutting machine, put the sample on the Nylon board and adjust it to the centre of the knife.

Press the left button by left hand and then press the right button by right hand. Knife will be moved down and cut the sample. When finished cutting, loose the right hand, knife will be moved up to the initial place and then loose the left hand. The sample will be removed from the knife automatically.

Customer should equipped with air pump in their lab for use .


pneumatic cutter Standards

ISO 3801 EN 12127

Key specification

Key specification of fabric cutter

Cutting method Pneumatic
Input pressure ≥0.5Mpa
Cutting pressure 7KN when the input pressure is 0.6Mpa
Package dimension 540×340×535mm
Gross weight 35kg


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