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Roving Opening Machine DW7070R

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DW7070R Roving Opening Machine used to loosen the tightly pressed raw cotton loose into smaller cotton or cotton bundles to facilitate the smooth operation of mixing and removing

DW7070R Roving Opening Machine

DW7070R Roving Opening Machine is an air-flow roving opening machine, applicable to opening and loosing fiber raw material. No damage to fiber and opening effect is stable.

Here is the feature of the machine:

  • Easy to operate and increase efficiency. Opening can be carried out after you place roving spindles on the rollers directly;
  • Zero fiber damage by adopting flexible air flow opening;
  • Baffles are equipped on both ends of rollers to avoid cotton yarn leakage.

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Application of opener

The DW7070R Roving Opening Machine is an air-flow roving opening machine that can open and loose fiber raw material. There is no fiber damage, and the opening effect is stable.

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Key Specification

Key specification of opener

Dimensions of main machine 1350×1000×1150mm (L×W×H)
Fan motor power 4.0kW
Fan rotation speed 8000r/min
Roller motor power 0.75kW
Roller maximum speed 700r/min


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