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Air-Cooled Xenon Arc Tester YG611M

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YG611M Air-Cooled Xenon Arc Tester is used to determine the color fastness and aging to sunlight, weather resistance, compound color fastness to sunlight-perspiration of colored textile, leather, leatheroid, plastic, etc, by setting various parameters of irradiance, temperature, humidity, spray to simulate natural condition in lab. It is able to control irradiance real-time, automatically inspect and compensate irradiance, temperature and humidity.

Air-Cooled Xenon Arc Tester YG611M

YG611M Air-Cooled Xenon Arc Tester is used to determine the color fastness and aging to light and weathering of colored textile, leather, and plastic, etc. Test specimens can be exposed to light from an optically-filtered xenon arc lamp under controlled conditions together with a set of reference materials. The color fastness is assessed by comparing the change in color of the test specimen with that of the reference material used.

Follows are Air-cooled Weather Conditions Meter features :

  • Color touch screen display & operation, Windows operation system, brief control interface, few setting procedures and simple operation;
  • Real-time graphic display, the operator can easily get access to the test process;
  • The test time is set independently for each specimen holder. Set the time for each specimen and when the set time is over, the corresponding specimen can be taken out and continue the test of remaining specimens; automatic reminding when each specimen’s test is over;
  • The xenon lamp irradiance control system real time calibration during the test and automatically closed-loop control to ensure the stability of irradiance. When the xenon lamp reaches the service life or fails to meet the standard irradiance requirements due to aging, the equipment automatically reminds the user to replace the xenon lamp;
  • The irradiance meter and BST are integrated on the same specimen holder, detect at the same distance as the sample to truly reflect the test parameters on the specimen;
  • Inbuilt standard procedures. When a standard code is selected, the equipment will run according to the selected standard procedure; Users can also set their own test parameters;
  • High precision humidity and temperature sensor precisely record the humidity and temperature;
  • BST, chamber air temperature are controlled by controlling air speed in chamber, ensuring the stability of temperature;
  • Multiple independent controlling modules ensure the performance of apparatus;
  • The specimen holder and cover plate are made of aluminum. Turnable design makes it easy to clamp the specimen;
  • Support max. 15pcs specimens of size 100×45mm or max. 7pcs specimens of size 140×70mm;
  • The rack base supports max. 16pcs holder base, there is one hole on each holder base, insert the holder on the hole of the base to do the test, the operation is very easy.



Application of Air-Cooled Xenon Arc Tester

Air-Cooled Xenon Arc Tester is used by controlling the test chamber light intensity, temperature, humidity, get wet in the rain, such as quantitative indicators, provide the necessary test simulated natural conditions to detect sample light and weather fastness and light aging resistance performance. The instrument has the light intensity on-line control, the light energy automatic monitoring and the automatic compensation; Temperature, humidity closed-loop control, blackboard temperature loop control and other multi-point adjustment functions;

Digital setting of irradiance, real-time monitoring, automatic adjustment of closed-loop, providing the most stable test light source for different standards (optional 340nm, 420nm and 300-400nm band)

The detection and wireless transmission USES optical energy conversion technology to provide energy without the need for another power supply. The standard blackboard (BST), irradiation and detection of samples in the same location (isometric) real reflect the status of the sample tested, the measured data adopts radio frequency technology synchronous transmission.

If you need more information about Air-Cooled Xenon Arc Tester, please contact with us.


Air-Cooled Xenon Arc Tester Standard 

STANDARDS ISO 105-B02/B04 ASTM G155 GB/T 8427/8430
AATCC 16.3 JIS L0843


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Air-Cooled Xenon Arc Tester

Specimen holders can be mounted 15pcs ISO specimen holders or 7pcs AATCC specimen holders

(Note: ISO specimen holders are included in the standard configuration, but AATCC specimen holders are optional.)

Function mode Light, light & spray, dark, dark & spray
Program setting Settable programs up to 100 pieces, steps for each program up to 100, functions can be freely combined.
Xenon lamp 2.5kW Air-cooled xenon arc lamp
Irradiance control range (0.80~2.01)W/(m2·nm)±0.02W/(m2·nm)@420nm

Digital setting, automatic closed-loop control

Filters Window glass filter
Temperature sensor BST (heat insulation), control range: 30~80oC with resolution of 0.1oC
Chamber air temperature Control range: 30~65oC with resolution of 0.1oC
Humidity control range Light cycle: 10~85%R.H., fluctuation: ±3%;

Dark cycle: 30~100%R.H., fluctuation: ±3%

Rack rotation speed 5r/min
Power supply AC380V, 50Hz, 3phase
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1,100*680*1,800mm
Weight 120kg

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