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Water-cooled Light Weather Fastness FY3600

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Water-cooled Light Weather Fastness, also named Xenon Weather Tester or Xenon Weatherometer, which is widely used in rubber, plastic, paint, paint, oil, chemical, automobile, textile and other industry products and materials for solar radiation simulation color fastness to light.

Water-cooled Light Weather Fastness FY3600 Description

By simulating the illumination, get wet in the rain, fog, light and shade alternate, temperature and humidity climate conditions, to determine the material products fade, aging, and get back, transmittance, stripping, hard, such as softening performance changes.Water-cooled Light Weather Fastness is used to determine the color fastness and aging to sunlight, weather resistance, compound color fastness to sunlight-sweat of colored textile, leather, leatheroid, plastic, etc, by setting various parameters of irradiance, temperature, humidity, spray to simulate natural condition in lab. Be able to control irradiance real-time, automatically inspect and compensate irradiance, temperature, humidity. Weatherometer testing belongs to weather test

Follows are Water-cooled Light Weather Fastness specification :

  • Determination of the processing behavior
  • Presetting various specifications, or customized programs, meet diverse range of standards, including AATCC, ISO, BS, JIS etc;
  • Touch screen, and build-in PLC, real-time display the ongoing test’s graph, be able to presetting irradiance, temperature, humidity, and plot dynamic curve of them.
  • 4500W water-cooled xenon arc lamp system, accurately simulate sunlight spectrum. Irradiance auto- compensates system, control irradiance, temperature, and humidity timely through a closed loop.
  • Irradiation control, light irradiance sensor monitor
  • digital setting, automatic compensating system, stepless irradiation regulation.
  • Accurate chamber temperature control, irradiation temperature, and heater raise the temperature, air conditioning refrigeration system.
  • Ultrasonic humidification system makes spray water even and low noise. Saturated steam humidifying, industrial refrigerating machine dehumidifying, and close loop control the humidity.
  • Large amount of testing specimen, be able to hold as 3 times of specimen quantity as air-cooled


Application of Water-cooled Light Weather Fastness

The working principle of FY3600+ Water-cooled Weather Conditions Meter is that the machine simulates the weather conditions to supply various parameters of temperature, humidity, irradiance, spray, etc. Determine the color fastness and aging to sunlight, weather resistance, compound color fastness to sunlight-perspiration of colored textile, leather, leatheroid, plastic, etc. This machine adopts touch screen display and display the state in testing chamber, and be able to control irradiance real-time, automatically inspect and compensate irradiance, temperature, humidity. The procedure is open. So customers could set the parameters in according with self requirements.

Put samples and blue wool color scale in the testing chamber together to test, and then evaluate the change of color between samples and blue wool color scale. By this means, measure the rank of light fastness and color fastness to weather.

The machine accords with the PES-2079, PES-6025, ISO 105 B06, ISO 4892-2 and ISO 11341.

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Water-cooled Light Weather Fastness Standard 

ISO 105-B02/B04/B06 ISO 4892-2 ISO 11341 GB/T 8430
GB/T 14576 JIS L 0843 ASTM G155-1 GMW 3414
JASOM346 PV1303 GB/T1865 GB/T1766


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Water-cooled Light Weather Fastness 

Lamp power Supply: AC380V±5% 50Hz 9000W(Max)
Irradiation Source: 4500W Water-cooled Long Xenon Arc Lamp
Average Lamp Life 1500 hours
Rack Rotating Speed 1—4r/min
Rack Outside Radius 220mm (Centered on the Xenon-arc Lamp)
Specimen Holder Exposure Area 180×35mm(ISO) 190×50mm (AATCC)
Specimen Number 27pcs (ISO); 18pcs (AATCC) (Max)
Illumination cycle adjustable 0~9999h59min,±1s
Spray cycle adjustable 0~9999h59min, ±1s
Each specimen holder adjustable timing 0~9999h59min,±1s
Chamber Temperature Range 30℃~80℃±2℃
BPT 30℃~80℃±2℃
BST 40℃~130℃±1℃
Floor Space: 1500×3000mm (Min)
Instrument Dimension 1200×870×2000mm(L×W×H)
Power supply AC380V,50Hz,9KW

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