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AATCC Rotary Crock Meter Y571A

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AATCC Rotary Crock Meter is used to determine the color fastness of textiles to dry and wet rubbing particularly for printing fabrics. Apply 1134g of pressure on a 16mm finger and rotates 1.125 turns clockwise then anti-clockwise. The operating handle is turn in one direction. FYI is one of the leading suppliers and manufactures of AATCC Rotary Crock Meter which supply best solution for Crock Meter.

AATCC Rotary Crock Meter Y571A

AATCC Rotary Crock Meter is suitable for testing the dry/wet rubbing fastness of all textile materials, especially suitable for the sample test of AATCC (AATCC 8) when it is difficult to meet the requirements.

AATCC 116 standard applies to all textile materials, whether it is yarn or fabric, whether it is dyed or printed or other colored.

Follows are features of AATCC Rotary Crock Meter

  • Handle rotation from the gear drive;
  • Compact, space-saving;
  • Two test methods, wet and dry.

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Application of AATCC Rotary Crock Meter 

AATCC Rotary Crock Meter is used to determine the degree to which the color of the colored textile material is transferred to other surfaces by friction.

Lab operator us a square test sample, which can be measured in a dry, water or other liquid. After washing, dry cleaning, shrinkage, ironing or finishing, it will affect the transfer degree of the raw material color, which can be measured before or after the test. Any of the above processing will be subject to the request.

The principle of AATCC Rotary Crock Machine

  1. In the specified conditions, A test sample placed on a vertical rotating friction colour fastness instrument which be rubbed by a standard square friction cloth.
  2. Color transfer to the white friction cloth can be determined by comparing with the Greyscale forcolor staining .

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Manual Crockmeter Standard 

AATCC 116 ISO 105 X16


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected]
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Manual Crockmeter 

Weight: 1134g
Diameter of rubber head: Diameter of rubbing head 16±0.1mm
Turning of vertical pole after turning1.125 circles then reverse
Dimensions: 250×150×250mm
Net weight 10KG

1 review for AATCC Rotary Crock Meter Y571A

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