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Color Fastness Rubbing(Gaskushin) Tester Y571J

4.5 (2 reviews)

JIS L0849 Color Fastness Rubbing (Gaskushin) Tester is to determine the color fastness of textiles to rubbing, equipped with a moving plate of a downward force of 2 Newton. It is electronically driven to minimize operator variation.

Color Fastness Rubbing Tester Y571J

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JIS L0849 Color Fastness Rubbing(Gaskushin) Tester is meet with Japan industrial standard JIS L0801, 0849, which is mainly used for dyeing products. Test is belongs to colour fastness to rubbing. Through the exchange of various optional accessory parts, can be applied to flocking processing cloth flocking strength test ,crocking test of artificial leather, paper, printing ink, paint, etc of resistance to friction, the friction loss test, etc.

Follows are features of AATCC Rotary Crock Meter

  • Handle rotation from the gear drive;
  • Compact, space-saving;
  • Two test methods, wet and dry.



Application of JIS L0849 Color Fastness Rubbing(Gaskushin) Tester

JIS Color Fastness Rubbing Tester is Japanese standard which mainly used for the evaluation and determination of the fastness to rubbing fastness of dyed fiber products. Apply dry or wet white cotton cloth to the surface of the friction head of the machine, with a certain amount of load and frequency, and after rubbing the color test, the color rubbing fastness level is evaluated against the gray scale. It can also be used as the friction test of organic solvent.

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JIS Color Fastness Rubbing Tester Standard

JIS L0801 JIS L0849


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected]
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Key specification

Key specification of JIS Color Fastness Rubbing Tester 

test head weight 2N(200g)
Motion Range 100mm
Reciprocating Speed 30rpm
Power Supply AC220V±10% 50Hz 40W
Instrument Dimension 660×670×640mm(L×W×H)
Instrument Weight 28Kg

2 reviews for Color Fastness Rubbing(Gaskushin) Tester Y571J

  1. Fadywaphy

    This product works fantastic!! It is very sensitive and if anything is even a little off it will read an error.

  2. Sean Dunn

    Instrument that is extremely accurate and sensitive. Recommend!!!

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