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Electronic Crockmeter/Rubbing Fastness Tester Y571D

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Rubbing Fastness Tester, also named electronic crockmeter or crock meter,FYI- best rubbing fastness tester manufacturer of china, And offering high quality crockmeter machines ,but with affordable price.

Description of Rubbing Fastness Tester

FYI- best Rubbing Fastness Tester manufacturer and supplier of china, we offer high quality crockmeter and devoting to offering cost effective testing solutions and equipments for various industrial applications.

FYI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality rubbing fastness tester.

We provide high quality rubbing fastness tester with reasonable price. Spare parts are all in readiness to avoid long delivery time when ordering.

Follows are features of rubbing fastness tester:

  • Presetting the rubbing times, and the instrument stop when reach the presetting times;
  • Simple operation;
  • Purpose-designed test mode;
  • Automatic flame application.


Application of Rubbing Fastness Tester

Y571D Electronic Crockmeter/Rubbing Fastness Tester is designed to determine the color fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing, and provided with a crocking finger with a downward force of 9 Newton and the facility for mounting standard crocking fabric. A pinned acrylic sample holder ensures rapid sample mounting and repeatability of results. It is electronically driven to minimize operator variation.


Standards of Crockmeter


Note: this rubbing fastness tester can conform to but not limit to the standards above, for more standards conformance, please contact us.

Key Specification

Key Specification of Rubbing Fastness Tester

Loading pressure of brush and size 9±0.2N
Circular: Φ16mm
Square: 19×25.4mm
Motion Range of crocking finger 104±3mm
Shuttle times 1-9,999
Rotational Speed of Winch 60rpm


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