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Manual Crockmeter Y571M

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Manual Crockmeter, also named Manual Rubbing Fastness Tester, which is used to test the color fastness test. It is used to test the discoloration degree of various kinds of paper, fabric, leather and other colored materials. FYI is a famous supplier and export of Manual Crockmeter and supply the best solution for Color Fastness Tester.

Different crocking test method with different standard.  There have electronic Crockmeter complies with ISO 105×12/D02,Manbual crocking meter meet with AATCC 8/165


Manual Crockmeter Y571M

Manual Crockmeter also named Manual Rubbing Fastness Tester, which is used to test the color fastness test  is designed to determine the color fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing, and provided with a crocking finger with a downward force of 9 Newton and the facility for mounting standard crocking fabric. A pinned acrylic sample holder ensures rapid sample mounting and repeatability of results.

Manual AATCC Crockmeter  used to determine the surface pigmentation fastness of textiles materials. Applies to any textiles made of fiber under the frication, such as yarn and fabric. Test the color fastness of some pigmentation methods, such as coloration, printing, and others.  Complies in fulfill with the AATCC testing methods 8-1996, <The determination the rubbing color fastness-4-Rubbing> and some other common testing standards.It is paly a good role in crocking test .

Follows are features of Manual Crockmeter

  • With memory function when power interrupted, and can save the data when power interrupted;
  • Manual drive, simple operation;
  • Count automatically.

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Application of Manual Crockmeter

Manual Crockmeter instrument is applied to yarn, dyed Yarn, printing and dyeing and other textiles and toys products or internal all fabric

This for integral design, mainly composed of base, friction transmission mechanism and a counter, The sample with the sample holder and sand paper on the base of a side, shaking the handle make friction head on the sample with white cotton relevant provisions of the reciprocating motion, make white cotton cloth and sample rubbing friction against each other. After ten times Observed grey scale compared with white cotton cloth and to get the Color staining Class. And judging the stability of the surface coating, provide reference data for evaluation and selection of materials

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Manual Crockmeter Standard 


Key specification

Key specification of Manual Crockmeter 

Max head travel 104mm
Head pressure 9N
Head dimension round: ¢16mm
Counter range 1~99999 times
Instrument size 700×240×340mm
Weight 15KG



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