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Automatic Drying Rate Tester DW261

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Automatic Drying Rate Tester, Heated Plate Method is designed to determine the drying time and drying rate of a fabric automatically. It’s suitable for testing and research of sportswear fabric and underwear apparel fabrics.

Automatic Drying Rate Tester DW261

Drying Rate Tester simulates the sweat drying process on the fabric. The specimen is exposed to a prescribed volume of water, while in contact with a heated plate maintained at 37°C (99°F), then use 1.5 m/s air to dry the specimen and the infrared temperature sensor test fabric temperature changes. When the fabric dry end, measure the drying time to obtain the drying rate.

Follows are features of Automatic Drying Rate Tester

  • Shell made by thick aluminum alloy plate, durable and never rust;
  • Using high-precisiontemperature sensor, air speed sensor, and automatic drop device;
  • Built-in control panel and display screen, can complete all the test without connecting to a computer;
  • Test data are transmitted to the computer via Wi-Fiand displayed in the form of curves and graph


Application of strain gauge amplifier

Drying Rate Tester based on the requirement of US AATCC201 testing standard, specially developed an automatic fabric drying rate tester.

If you need more about strain gauge data acquisition and data acquisition software .

.please send email or contact with us directly .




Key specification

Key specification of Drying Rate Tester

Test temperature 37 ± 0.1 ºC
Temperature resolution 0.01 ºC
Temperature range of IR thermocouple 15~50ºC ± 0.1 ºC
Air speed 1.5m/s ± 0.1m/s
Hotplate size 305mm×305mm
Volume of water dripping 0.200mL ± 0.001mL
Sample holder size 150mm×40mm×2mm (L×W×T)
Sample thickness 0~10mm
Data transmission Wi-Fi
Power supply AC220V or 110V ± 10%, 100W
Dimension 52×40×26cm (L×W×H)
Weight 30kg


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