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Moisture Management Tester DW260A

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Moisture Management Tester, which is also named Liquid Moisture Management Tester of Textile, Moisture Management Tester . FYI is one of best moisture management tester suppliers in the world, we offer good quality products with affordable price.

Moisture Management Tester DW260A

We provide reasonable price and high quality Moisture Management Tester . All of testing instruments manufactured by FYI factory are well-known throughout China and more than 50 countries abroad for providing superior value and performance.

This moisture management testing machine is developed to measure the liquid moisture management properties of knitted and woven fabrics

Follows are features of the tester

1.  Automatic control system starts testing, stopping and calculating all the indexes;

2.  Built-in pressure measuring device ensures exact pressure loaded on the tested specimen;

3.  Steady pumping system, volume of liquid can be adjusted by the software;

4.  Reverse pumping function prevents brine crystallization from plugging the pipeline.

5.  This moisture management tester with good anti-interference ability,all-metal shell.

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Application of Moisture Management Tester

Moisture Management Tester is used to Fabric liquid moisture transport properties in multi-dimensions, called liquid moisture management properties, influence the comfort of consumer’s clothing significantly, especially in sportswear. The Moisture Management Tester MMT consists of upper and lower concentric moisture sensors. The specimen is held flat under fixed pressure between the sensors while standard test solution is introduced on to the top surface of the specimen. Electrical resistance changes between the upper and lower sensors are then recorded dynamically on computer.

Moisture Management Tester complies with AATCC 195, G GB/T 21655.2 etc international and retailer standards.

If you need more information about sdl atlas moisture management tester. Please contact with us


Standards of Moisture Management Tester

AATCC 195 GB/T 21655.2

Key specification

Key Specification of Moisture Management Tester

Interface WiFi
Operation temp & RH 18°C to 40°C, 20% to 80% (non-condensing)
Pump on time 20sec
Test solution quantity 0.2g±0.01g (Fine adjustment by user is allowed)
Test solution conductivity 16mS±0.2mS
Test pressure 960grams
Power supply 110V~230V 50Hz/60Hz 0.5 A
Dimensions 200mm(Width)×360mm(Depth)×250mm(Height)


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