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Bench Xenon Arc Tester(Desktop) colorfastness YG611T

5.0 (3 reviews)

Bench Xenon Arc Tester, also called colorfastness Weathering Test Equipment, which is suitable for new materials applied in different environment, it is used for the quality control of materials and components, production of conventional test, etc., Filtered xenon lamp can be used as accurate simulation of solar radiation.

Bench Xenon Arc Tester Bench colorfastness YG611T

Bench Xenon Arc Tester is designed to simulate and strengthen sunlight spectrum that reaches the ground by xenon arc lamp as light source, and supplemented by temperature and humidity control, and water spray conditions. This kind of xenon tester is suitable for various kinds of materials, such as textile, leather, plastic, rubber, painting, dyestuff etc.

Follows are Weathering Test Equipment specification :

  • 7 inch colorful touch panel, easy to set and monitor;
  • Air-cooled 1800W xenon arc lamp to simulate sunlight;
  • Irradiance, temperature and humidity controlling system with water spray;
  • Light-strength real-time auto calibration system;
  • Stable performance with modular design and high


 Application of Bench Xenon Arc Tester

Bench Xenon Arc Instrument is applied to aging test widely, such as rubber, plastic, oil painting, petrochemical industry, motor, fabric and so on. It adopts xenon light as light source, so can simulate the sun light more accurately, getting the closest data, and has six kinds of functions, lighting, raining, dew-dropping, adding humidity, etc.

Adopting xenon light of rating power 1800W, spectrum energy mainly concentrate wavelength of 300nm to 780nm.The output of light energy will decline with time, in order to reduce this bad influence, so the height of specimen can be adjusted.

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Bench Xenon Arc Tester Standard

ISO 105 B02/B04 ASTM D4355 GB/T 8427/8430/14576


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Bench Xenon Arc equipment

Light source Air-cooled 1800W xenon arc lamp
Lamp service life 1200h
Spectrum wavelength 290nm~800nm
Irradiance range (0.8~2.01W/m2±0.01W/m2)@420nm
(31.2~80.3W/m2)@300~400nm (optional)
Black panel temperature (BPT) (30~100)oC±2 oC
Black standard temperature (BST) (35~100)oC±2 oC
Chamber air temperature (35~65)oC±2 oC
Humidity range (20%~85%)RH±5%RH for light cycle
(30%~90%)RH±5%RH for dark cycle
Photoperiod 1~9999hour (adjustable)
Number & Size of sample rack 17 pieces of 110×50mm sample racks (standard)
8 pieces of 240×55mm sample racks (optional)
Operating environmental required Temperature: 25±5 oC
Relative humidity: 80%~40% (descent as temperature increases)
Dimensions 1050×650×670mm (D×W×H)
Power supply AC220 V±10% 50Hz

3 reviews for Bench Xenon Arc Tester(Desktop) colorfastness YG611T

  1. Jeffrey Ezekiel

    This product has everything i need in the kit and is affordable. Recommend!!

  2. Joren Kandel

    Elegant design, and efficient light fastness tester.

  3. Yves James

    I was quite surprised how high quality this unit was for the price. Thanks manufacturer!

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