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Lab Padder EL-A/EL-B

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Lab Padder is also named Pneumatic Heavy Duty Padder for Textiles Dyeing which widely is used as the dyeing and finishing padding mangle.There are two types: table and vertical which is both vertical and horizontal .It is equipped with a conventional tank and can be used for horizontal operation.

Lab Padder EL-A/EL-B  

Lab Padder is applied to the dyeing sample fabric of the cotton ,polyester-cotton and other chemical fiber, exactly simulating the real production environment to test the specimens .It adopts high quality stainless steel, ,beautiful and neat appearance ,eroded resistant and cleaned easily ,The roller with acid and alkali resistant .good flexibility, long life and so on , It is easier to operate because of the transducer with stepless speed regulation.

Follows are Heavy Duty Padder specifications:

  • Roller with NBR coating, acid/alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, good elasticity and long service life;
  • Two air cylinders control each end of roller to keep uniform pressure;
  • Pressure regulating valves to control the roller pressure;
  • Cloth speed controlled by inverter within 0~10m/min;
  • Mirror stainless steel surface, easy to clean and good appearance;
  • Be equipped with air gun and sprinkler for cleaning padder expediently;
  • Compressed air supply required.


Application of Lab Padder

Lab Padder is mainly used in the pre-dyeing processing equipment before printing and dyeing, such as mercerizing machine, soap washing machine and scouring and bleaching machine.

Nowadays customer requires not only the precise color but also the good hand-feeling of the finished goods. With this device, you could get the high repeatability sample by simulating the real production environment; with it, you also can develop the value added, add functions of fabrics like fireproofing, dust-resistant, oil-resistant, water-repellent, breathable etc., to develop new business, new benefits and improve competitiveness of the products.


If you need more Laboratory Padder machine .please contact with us .

Key specification

Key specification of Lab Padder 

Model No. EL-A (Vertical), EL-B (Horizontal)
Roller width 435mm
Roller diameter 130mm
Roller pressure 70°shore
Cloth speed 0~10m/min
Retained dyestuff ratio 35%~85%
Mini. air pressure required 0.6Mpa
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz, 1 phase
Dimensions (L*W*H) 710*800*1340mm (EL-A)
710*600*1150mm (EL-B)
Weight 120kg


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