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Magnet Printing Machine MU564

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Magnet Printing Machine  is lab magnetic printer which is used for printing process test of various natural fibers, synthetic fibers and blends with printing area of 450×350mm.Lab Printing Table mainly used for the printing technique experiment in lab. Lab magnetic printer is table machine which easy for lab use.

Magnet Printing Machine MU564

Magnet Printing Machine has been designed in common use for laboratorial printing and dyeing in the field of textile .It can be used in printing specimen and harmonizing colors for nature ,synthetic and other fibers. also .this machine can used in leveling screen printing in small quantity .

Follows are Lab magnetic printer specifications:

  • Most famous printing board from HABASIT, Switzerland
  • Screen frame from Europe
  • Motor and control system from Japan and Taiwan
  • Linear bearing from Germany
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy hand operated
  • Desk top, easy to maintain

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Application of Magnet Printing Machine

Magnet Printing Machine is widely used in the process experiments of monochromatic of various fibers and their blended fabrics. It is very suitable for printing enterprises, dyestuffs and auxiliary production enterprises.This machine consists of supporting frame, magnet station and electrical controller

Support frame is welded by using square cross steel pipes , Doors and walls are made of steel plate , Four adjustable feet support the frame body to keep the machine and stability .Tool box is designed at the front section of the frame .and electrical devices put into the back section .Each section has two doors.

Working Table is a frame structure , Setting on the supporting frame of the machine . It travels along with two guide-ways which is a round cross style assembled on the bottom side of the table .

Magnet Station underneath the printing cloth ,There is a small aluminum housing . There are 12 pieces of electromagnet in it , giving the magnet pressure to the iron bar.

Electrical controller consists of an electrical system and operating panel .

Key specification

Key specification of Magnet Printing Machine 

Printing area 450*350mm
Screen frame size 720*480mm
Magnetic stick 8,12,16,20,
330mm in length
Speed 0.6-8MPM
Magnetic force grade 1-10
Power supply 220V 50HZ
Instrument size 1030*780*960mm
Weight 125Kg


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