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Laboratory Stenter Machine LD3642

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Laboratory Stenter Machine is lab Mini-dryer .This lab Mini dryer is a table model which designed to applied to drying, shaping, baking and so on, measuring the dyeing state and the medicament efficiency and also making template and simulate the features of production scale stenter.

Laboratory Stenter Machine  LD3642

Laboratory Dryer consists of the feeding and returning drive system, hot air circulation heating and controlling system, needle plate rack and so on.

Textile Lab Mini-dryer adopts high quality stainless steel, motor with resistance high temperature and LCD with properties of thermal insulation and timing accurately.

Follows are Laboratory Stenter Machine specifications:

  • Stainless steel construction with heat insulation layer;
  • Advanced motor drive system for delivering fabric samples;
  • Settable temperature within room temperature~250oC;
  • Digital display of temperature and time;
  • Automatic temperature controlling system with the accuracy of ±1%;
  • Press the button to feed fabric sample into the drying chamber and fabric sample is automatically transported out of the drying chamber with audible alarm when the set time is due;
  • Four-direction adjustable pin-frame, to mount the samples in tension;
  • Switch for adjustable hot air quantity onto fabric upper and lower surfaces to minimize the temperature difference between fabric upper and lower surfaces;


Application of Laboratory Stenter

Laboratory Stenter is suitable for drying, fixing, and curing fabric samples after lab dyeing or coating. It is suitable for the laboratory simulation workshop, dyeing and finishing process for thermosol dyeing of resin curing test, obtain and validation of dyes, auxiliaries and so on formulation and process conditions, testing the fabric handle, the degree of dye color, color fastness and related important quality, get the right product organization model. This machine can be used as hot solid color and printing drying.

The air door at the back of the machine is used for removing moisture and transferring heat. Before stop running, turn off the switch of heating (no stopping the fan) and open the air door. Don’t turn off the fan until the temperature decrease to less than 75 degree.

 If you need more Laboratory Stenter.please contact with us.


Laboratory Stenter standards

Key specification

Key specification of Laboratory Stenter

Temperature range RT-250°C
Temperature accuracy ±1%
Heat power 6kW
Timing range 1~9999s, 1~9999min, 1~9999h, settable
Pin-frame size 400*500mm
Max. effective pin-frame size 300*350mm
Fan power 180W
Power supply Power supply
Dimension 780*650*860mm (L*W*H)
Weight 120kg


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