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Laboratory Steamer HMD360

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Laboratory Steamer  also named Mini dryer with steam which suitable for drying, fixing, and curing fabric samples after dyeing or impregnating without or with low humidity contents up to 25%.This laboratory steamer is Flooor model .

Laboratory Steamer HMD360

Laboratory Steamer is suitable for drying, fixing, and curing fabric samples after dyeing or impregnating with steam.

Fan is not started, heating pipe won’t work. Steaming box internal temperature more than set the alert temperature humidity controller, stop the heating function.

Follows are Laboratory Stenter specifications:

  • Stainless steel construction;
  • Imported temperature controller and humidity sensor, LED display;
  • Cyclic hot air system, automatic temperature control;
  • Uniform, precise and stable distribution of steam and hot air;
  • Press the button to feed fabric sample into the drying chamber and fabric sample is automatically transported out of the drying chamber with audible alarm when the set time is due;
  • Four-direction adjustable pin-frame, to mount the samples in tension;


Application of Mini Dryer/Stenter with Steam

Mini Dryer/Stenter with Steam can be used together with Heavy Duty Padder. It suitable for dyeing and finishing process, laboratory simulation workshop for thermosol dyeing of resin curing test, obtain and validation of dyes, auxiliaries and so on formulation and process conditions, testing the fabric handle, the degree of dye color, color fastness and related important quality, get the right product organization model. This machine can be used as hot solid color and printing drying.

Equipment security should leave metope is about 0.5 meters distance,  so that the cooling and maintenance. Equipment power supply of 380 v / 50 hz, power access client should set three-phase 60 a air switch, this machine is reliable grounding. Steam condensed water discharge pipe (32) Ø can catheter will be condensed water and steam natural discharge excess. Steam generator used float valve automatically add water, float valve interface (1/2 “). Into the water is recommended to use soft water, such as use tap water please add filter before enter the water, so as not to cause water floating ball valve plug.

Confirm the various parts of the machine has been installed, that on the first try driving cycle fan, circulation fan with circulation fan motor direction of rotation must be consistent with the red arrow direction.

 If you need more Mini Dryer/Stenter with Steam .please contact with us.


Mini Dryer/Stenter with Steam standards

Key specification

Key specification of Mini Dryer/Stenter with Steam

Temperature range RT-250°C
Temperature accuracy ±1°C
Humidity accuracy ±3%RH
Temperature of saturated steam 102°C
Temperature of high-temp steam 180°C
Drying time 1-999s,adjustable
Pin-frame size 360×420mm
Effective pin-frame size 260×360mm
Power supply AC380V 50Hz, 12.5kW, three-phase
Dimensions 800×1015 ×1365mm
Weight 180kg


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