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Lab Coater MU572C

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Lab Coater, also named laboratory coating machine  , or  laboratory coating equipment which is suitable for laboratorial proofing test including all sorts of natural fiber, synthetic fiber, blended fabric, nonwoven fabric, specialty paper and artificial leather.Lab Coater is a coating machine for lab use, operated by hand with the coating area of 285mm×300 mm, which is used in lab coating technique experiment.

Lab Coater MU572c

Lab Coater is used for coating experiment on natural fibers, synthetic fibers, blend fabrics ,non-woven fabrics and special papers etc…..

Follows are lab coater specifications:

  • High grade stainless steel construction, foundation made of cast iron.
  • Import linear sliding track from Germany.
  • Equipped ingenious fixture along with blade to block pigment to flow out.
  • Gradient of blade can be adjustable from 20° up to 115°.
  • Four kinds of blades: triangle blade, olecranon blade, square blade and round blade.
  • Two coating methods:put static roller into the middle groove or put the both rollers into the first and third groove to meet different needs.
  • Three tension frame types: pin frame (for fabric), trim strip frame (for paper) and roller frame (universal), which can achieve “Auxiliary fixed from the transverse, automatic alignment.


Application of Lab Coater

lab coater is a manual coating device for laboratory use with the coating. It is widely use for quality control and formulation development in laboratories.

The coating layer thickness can be easily adjusted from 0 to 5 mm (+/- 0.01mm). This device can also be used to make lamination with optional laminating roller. It can be used together with our LD3642 Min-Dyer Machine .

If you need more Laboratory Coating machine .please contact with us .

Key specification

Key specification of Laboratory Coating Machine

Printing area 450*350mm
Tension Frame 365mm×440mm
Coating Area 285mm×300 mm
Coating Thickness 0~5mm
Accuracy of Coating Thickness 0.01mm
Coating Front Angle 20°~115°
Blade Type 45°blade
Blade Spec 300mm×60mm
Roller Φ40mm×300mm
Instrument Dimension 440mm(L)×680mm(W)×250mm(H)
Weight 30kg


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