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Carbon Black Content Tester DW1421

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Carbon Black Content Tester is also named Plastic Ash Content Tester; Ash content test Polypropylene Plastic Ash Content or Carbon Black Purity Testing Machine for the determination of carbon black content in polyethylene, polypropylene and polybutene plastics.The Carbon black in plastic does not show significant enhancement effect, but it can improve its thermal deformation, dimensional stability, rigidity and hardness, etc.

Carbon Black Content Tester DW1421 

Carbon Black Content Tester is used to determine carbon black content in geomembranes,Polyolefin(Polyethylene ,polypropylene and polybutene ) Pipes.

The test of carbon black is obtained through the analysis of the weight of the samples under the protection of nitrogen. The instrument has advantages of convenient operation, simple operation, accurate measurement, high precision and high automation.

We provide reasonable price and high quality carbon black content tester

Follows are features of the tester.

  • Nice appearance, easy to operate;
  • LCD display temperature and time;
  • Openable structure of furnace;
  • Quartz glass tube;
  • Adjustable test temperature;
  • Over-temperature protection;
  • Flow meter of adjustable measuring range of 0.2~2L/min;
  • High precision and uniformity of temperature control;
  • Excellent constant temperature keeping function;
  • 30 steps of programs which are programmable.


Application of Carbon Black Content Tester 

Carbon Black Content Tester is used to determine the carbon black content of geomembranes, polyolefin (polyethylene, polypropylene and polybutylene) pipes and fittings and materials used in particular for the manufacture of pipes and fittings and rubber. It is especially suitable to those users who want strict control on increasing temperature. Carbon Black Content machine belongs t content testing

With the increase of carbon black filling, the tensile strength and impact property of the carbon black are decreased rapidly, and the filling amount varies according to the effect of carbon black in plastics. When the carbon black is required to stabilize and prevent aging, the amount of its addition is 2~3% of plastic. Only 1% or less when it is used; To reduce the surface resistivity by 2%~5%; The content of carbon black in semiconductor materials can be 35%~50%; In chemical crosslinked polyethylene, carbon black can normally be up to 60, or even up to 200.

Carbon Black Content Tester complies with ISO 6964, ISO 247, IEC 60811-4-1, ASTM D1603, GB/T 2951, GB/T 1302 etc international and retailer standards.

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Standards of Carbon Black Content Tester  

ISO 6964 ISO 247 IEC 60811-4-1
ASTM D1603 GB/T 1302 GB/T  2951.41


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Carbon Black Content Tester  

Display mode LED display
Specification of combustion tube Ф35×650mm, can be customized
Hot zone 200mm
Heating element resistance wire
Working temperature ≤1100℃
Max. temperature 1200℃
Temperature sensor type K-type thermocouple
Heating element Electric-resistance wire
Temperature control Intelligentized 30 steps of programs, programmable
Accuracy of constant temperature ±1℃
Structure of furnace Openable
Measuring range of flow meter 0.2~2L/min


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