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Carbon Black Dispersion Tester DW1430

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Carbon Black Dispersion Tester ,also named Carbon Black Dispersion Testing System or Digital Dezincification Resistance Tester. Carbon Black Dispersion Tester is used to determine the degree of dispersion of carbon black in compound rubber and plastic that contains other fillers by the visual inspection method and the agglomerate count method.

Carbon Black Dispersion Tester DW1430

Rubber Carbon Black Dispersion Tester is dispersion of carbon black in the polymer substrate which direct impact on the performance of rubber, such as rubber break, tear strength performance, fatigue performance, abrasion resistance, etc. So rapid and accurate grasp of rubber carbon black dispersion in the rubber, for predicting physical properties of the rubber, mixing process control, ensure the quality of rubber products, improve production efficiency, save energy and reduce cost has important significance.

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Follows are features of Carbon Black Dispersion Testing System:

  • Bi-level threshold value is automatically calculated through statistical analysis;
  • Bi-level analysis: to divide image brightness into 256 grades. Image would be transferred form gray image to bi-level (black/white) image according to bi-level threshold value. By bi-level image, analysis results can be quickly carried out;
  • Automatically eliminate bubbles after thresholding;
  • Particles and degree of dispersion analysis:
  1. Particles and degree of dispersion analysis would be carried out based on ISO Philips 10-grade and method A, B of ASTM D2663;
  2. Particles, particle diameter, particle area, particle rate, agglomeration and dispersion rate are acquired after image is transferred to bi-level image. Mixing state of carbon black and rubber compound can be automatically obtained to grade the result for user’s reference according to ASTM and 4 kinds of ISO Philip 10-grade.
  • User’s free standard for automatic judgment: In addition to ASTM and 4 kinds of ISO Philip 10-grade standard, we also provide 1000 groups of file establishment space, so that users can set their own standard pictures for automatic comparison and grade judgment;


Application of Carbon Black Dispersion Tester

Rubber Carbon Black Dispersion Tester can be used in laboratory testing of vulcanized rubber and mixed rubber, and can also be used for on-line detection of mixed rubber.

When rubber cutting (vulcanized rubber or mixed Rubber) ,due to dispersion of carbon black aggregates is not relative to the rubber surrounding medium with has high hardness and will cause the cutting trace of deviation, and then caused by cutting surface is rough.

In general, the larger the un-dispersed carbon black aggregate, the more serious the deviation of the cutting trace will be, the larger the surface roughness, and the smaller the vice versa. The surface of the rubber is cut with a certain angle of light. If the carbon black is dispersed better in the rubber, the cut rubber surface will have a smooth and less defective structure. If the carbon black is not well distributed in the rubber, the surface will show a different bulge.

According to the size and frequency of these bumps, the degree of carbon black dispersion in rubber can be characterized. These conditions on the surface of the adhesive are amplified and directly reflected on the display screen and recorded as digital images. The digital image is processed by the computer, and the dispersion grade (automatic grading function) is automatically evaluated according to relevant international standards. It can also be directly compared with standard images or standard images that are stored in the instrument (image contrast function).

Carbon Black Dispersion Testing System complies with ASTM D2663 etc international and retailer standards.

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Carbon Black Dispersion Tester standards

ASTM D2663


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Carbon Black Dispersion Tester

Environment required 10℃~40℃,without dewing and vapor
Image detector 1/2 inch CCD lens with the magnification of 100×
Basic specifications of the computer 1GB memory or IBM compatible computer 80GB HDD
or 16× DVD-ROM installed with image converter and image analysis software
Power supply AC 110V 2A or 220V 1.2A



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