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Rotorless Rheometer DW5320

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Rotorless Rheometer, also named Rotorless Rubber Rheometer. It is used to determine the whole vulcanization characteristics of the glue material. The test temperature is the same as the vulcanization temperature of the rubber. The vulcanizer gets a complete cure curve. On this curve, you can see the positive vulcanization point, which is the time of positive vulcanization. The maximum torque is related to hardness and tensile strength.

Rotorless Rheometer DW5320 Description

Rotorless Rheometer is refers to the continuous measurement in the process of rubber vulcanization rubber vulcanization properties of all change, and has the high testing precision of the instrument, in the production of rubber products manufacturers can use it for rubber uniformity, repeatability and stability test. And the design and testing of rubber formula are mainly used in batch production of rubber vulcanization.

The theory of vulcanization apparatus.

Non – rotor vulcanizer produced by hair – ray instrument.

From the rheological point of view, so to speak, so far, all kinds of principles adopted by the rheometer is essentially consistent, namely die within the cavity of the small sample continuous under constant amplitude and low frequency sine shear deformation, the strain sensors measuring shear stress, expressed as a unit of torque, the shear modulus of the rubber, when the sample size, thickness, Angle and amplitude experiment at a certain temperature, the determination of the shear stress is proportional to the density of junction, record the shear stress – time curve is the vulcanization curve.

Follows are features of Rotorless Rheometer

  • High accuracy of torque sensor, high repeatability and stability;
  • Easy to maintain, low failure rate;
  • Excellent repeatability and smoothness of curves;
  • Adopting PID method to ensure stable temperature control, high heating speed and rapid temperature recovery;
  • With automatic safety door, ensure the operator’s safety;
  • Powerful function of processing software.


Application of Rotorless Rheometer

Rotorless Rheometer is applicable for vulcanization of rubbers to acquire characteristic curves and parameters through measuring the torque which rubber materials effect on the oscillating die.

Rubber Testing Equipment is used to analyze the performance of rubber, Rheometer is used to develop new products and control the rubber product quality , The curves and characteristic parameters on vulcanization of rubber materials can be obtained using Rheometer based on the measurement of the torque created by the rubber material on the Oscillating die.

Rotorless Rheometer complies with ASTMD5289-95, ISO 6502:1991 , GB/T 16584-1996 international and retailer standards.

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Standards of Rotorless Rheometer

ASTM D5289-95 ISO 6502:1991 GB/T 16584-1996


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Rotorless Rheometer

Temperature range room temperature~200℃
Temperature fluctuation in die: ≤±0.1℃
Resolution of temperature display 0.1℃
Heating speed about 25℃/min
Torque range 0~300dNm
Torque resolution 0.01dNm
Angle of oscillation ±1°, ±3°, (±0.5°optional)
Frequency of die oscillation 1.67HZ(100rpm)
Dimensions 520×570×1000mm;
Weight about 120kg;
Power AC220~230V, 50/60 HZ, 3A



Q: Is the rheometer an ODR or an MDR? 

A: MDR  Rotorless rheometer.

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