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Mooney Viscometer DW5330

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Mooney Viscometer, also named Rubber Mooney Viscometer. It is used to measure the viscosity value and coke time of raw rubber or mixed rubber. Data analysis: microcomputer control, data display, automatic calibration is the ideal experimental instrument for rubber industry and scientific research unit. Adopt imported intelligent digital temperature control instrument, adjust the setting simple, control temperature range.

Mooney Viscometer DW5330 Description

Mooney Viscometer is a standard rotor, imported intelligent digital temperature control instrument, easy to adjust and control temperature range. Microcomputer with imported chip, high reliability, all data can be automatically drawn and calculated and printed. Rotate in the sample of the closed chamber with a constant speed (usually 2 revolutions per minute). Size and sample rotor rotational shear resistance of the change in viscosity in the vulcanization process, can be displayed through load device on the units of the door, dial, at the same time interval load value can make door, vulcanization curve, when the door number down before they rise, since low rise five units of time says Mooney scorch time, rise again from the Mooney scorch point of 30 units said Mooney vulcanization time.

Mooney Viscometer reaction rubber processing performance is good or  bad and the molecular weight and distribution range are narrow. Mooney viscosity value is higher .It means not easy to mix and extrude, its molecular weight is high and its distribution range is wide.

Mooney viscosity Value is low. It easy to adhesive roller, low molecular weight, narrow distribution range.

Very Low viscosity of Mooney .It means low tensile strength after vulcanizate. The time curve of Mooney viscometer can also show the vulcanization process performance.

Follows are features of Mooney Viscometer

  • 3 testing item: prevulcanization, Mooney viscosity, stress relaxation;
  • Automatic calibration, high stability;
  • Excellent repeatability and smoothness of curves;
  • Steadily temperature control, high heating speed;
  • Excellent heat preservation, rapid temperature recovery;
  • Powerful function of processing software, easy to operate;
  • Automatically data store, possible to printout Excel reports.


Application of Mooney Viscometer

Mooney Viscometer is used for measuring viscosity and relaxation of base rubber, raw rubber stock or rubber mass prevulcanization properties, it also used for measuring viscosity in Mooney value for compounded or uncompounded unvulcanized natural, synthetic or regenerated rubber.

This instrument has excellent performances including automatic calibration, higher stability. It can perform the following tests: viscosity, scorch and stress relaxation.

Mooney Viscometer complies with many international and retailer standards.

If you need more information about Mooney Viscometer Testing Machine. Please contact with us

Key specification

Key specification of Mooney Viscometer

Temperature range room temperature~200℃
Temperature fluctuation in die ≤±0.1℃
Resolution of temperature 0.1℃
Heating speed 16~25℃/min
Torque range 0~200Mv
Torque resolution 0.01Mv
Rotor speed 2±0.02r/min
mensions 520×570×1000mm;
Weight about 120kg;
Power AC220~230V, 50/60 HZ, 3A

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