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Rubber Banbury Mixer DW5310 Series

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Rubber Banbury Mixer is widely used for plastication and mixing of rubber products, industrial chemicals and plastic products, such as rubber ring, rubber belt, PVC, color master batch, cable materials, etc. Plastication is prepared for better mixing, as it can enhance the plasticity and fluidity. It is applicable for laboratory and small batch production.

Rubber Banbury Mixer DW5310 A/DW5310B/DW5310C

Rubber Banbury Mixer is a pressure type mixer, widely used in industries of rubber, , dye, food, pharmaceuticals, feed, etc. It is more suitable for proofing in the lab with the features of economical land occupation, simple structure, easy operation and low labor intensity.

Follows are features of Banbury Mixer

  • Uniformly mixing with high efficiency, excellent quality;
  • No environmental pollution, easy to clean;
  • Jacket structure of mixing chamber, rotors, etc.;
  • Electric heating for plastics experiments;
  • Tap-water cooling;
  • Chrome plated surface of mixing rotors, etc., wearable and durable, high corrosion resistance;
  • Excellent sealing and dustproof effect;
  • High efficiency, high bearing capacity, possible to discharge while working;
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain, good energy conservation;
  • Over-load protection device and emergency stop;


Application of Rubber Banbury Mixer

Banbury Mixer is used in various kinds of rubber products, EVA, rubber, synthetic rubber, hot melt adhesive and other chemical raw materials dispersed stirring, kneading.

The material is quickly melted and kneaded under the agitation of the stirring leaves, and the material is mixed evenly through proper temperature control and to achieve the best effect of mixing.

Through the rotation of the rotor, the material is strongly sheared and the material is mixed uniformly. The strong reaction of different components in the material was caused by the stirring and mixing of the rotor, so as to ensure sufficient reaction.

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Rubber Banbury Mixer standards

Key specification

Key specification of Rubber Banbury Mixer

Volume 1L/3L/5L
Driving Motor power 5.5kw
Heating Electric heating
Temperature Room temperature~300℃
Cooling Water cooling
Angle of outlet inclination 110°~ 135°
Speed Front rotor 47rpm
Back rotor 34rpm
Pressure 0.4~0.6MPA
Power 3phase, AC380V, 50Hz


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