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Two Roll Mill DW5110

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Two Roll Mill is also named PVC Two Roll Mill or Two Roll Mixing Mills. The Two Roll Mixing Mills is an abbreviation of open type plastic refining machine. In plastic products factory, people are used to call it two rolls. The mixer is a kind of mixing plastic equipment which is used early in the plastics manufacturing plant.

Two Roll Mill DW5110

Two Roll Mill is suitable for silicone rubber products, plastic products, polymer materials, engineering materials, etc.

It is aimed at factories and scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, and formulation research and development. Its structure design is simple, cover an area of an area small, easy to operate, easy to carry, high safety coefficient, domestic small mixing mill technology are quite mature level, has been recognized by domestic large and medium-sized universities and research institutes, and has set up export markets abroad.

We provide reasonable price and high quality two roll Mill.

All of testing instruments manufactured by FYI are well-known throughout China and more than 50 countries abroad for providing superior value and performance

Follows are features of Two Roll Mill:

  • Cylindrical center-adjustable bearing;
  • Hard chromeplated steel rolls, rapid heat transfer, high hardness, high corrosion resistance;
  • Adjustable gap between the two rolls, high accuracy;
  • Independent and variable speed control for each roll (Optional);
  • Sensitively and uniformly temperature control, high accuracy;
  • Electric heating;
  • With safety device.


Application of Two Roll Mill

Two Roll Mill widely used in rubbers and plastics industry for polymer mixing, such as PVC, color master batch. It consists of roll, bearing, gap adjusting device, heating system, electric control system, safety device, etc.The adhesive package is on a roller with a speed ratio of 1:1.4 (or a speed ratio in accordance with the standard).

Roll pressure at a certain roller temperature, remove the volatile matter contained in the sample, and add the additive. Make a sample for performance testing.

Using SKD chrome molybdenum alloy material, the surface is treated with carburizing, chromium plating, mirror polishing and other processes, and the smoothness reaches the level of 10~11; Hardness up to 60~65HRC,

Two Roll Mill complies with many international and retailer standards.

If you need more information about Two Roll Mill Machine. Please contact with us.


Two Roll Mill standards

Key specification

Key specification of Two Roll Mill

Item Plastics experiment
Heating or cooling Electric heating/Oil heating
Working temperature RT ~ 300°C
Roll hardness HRC 58~60
Roll space 0.1~5mm (Adjustable)
Temperature accuracy ±3°C, PID control
Roll size Φ120*350mm: the feeding quantity is 0.5~1kg;
Φ160*350mm: the feeding quantity is 0.5~2kg;
Φ200*350mm: the feeding quantity is 1~5kg;
Φ230*620mm: the feeding quantity is 10~15kg
Roll speed ratio Both roll speed are fixed and cannot be adjustable
Adjustable roll speed ratio by adjusting only one roll
Adjustable roll speed ratio by adjusting two roll speeds separately
Security device Emergency stop, knee press, etc.


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