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Carbon Fiber 3D Weaving Machine CFL3000

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Carbon Fiber 3D Weaving Machine, also known as 3D carbon fiber loom , is used to weave thick carbon fabrics of GSM 800~2200. The carbon fiber fabric woven by our carbon fiber loom has a smooth surface and neatly arranged carbon fibers.

Carbon Fiber 3D Weaving Machine CFL3000

CFL3000 CF 3D WEAVING MACHINE is mainly used to weave thick CF fabrics with GSM 800~2200 up to 50mm in thickness. The equipment is composed by yarn rack, special weaving machine, etc.

The warp CF is provided from a warp yarn rack. The weft yarn is inserted by means of the auto-disc feeder. Finally, the finished fabric is wound up either inside the machine or with an external winder. Further processing made easy: high-quality CF fabrics.

CF is an abbreviation for carbon fiber.

For GSM 30~200:CFL1000

For GSM 200~600:CFL2000


Application of Carbon Fiber 3D Weaving Machine

Carbon fiber is a high-strength and modulus high-temperature resistant fiber, which is a high-end variety of chemical fiber. It’s widely used in various fields. The importance of carbon fiber looms cannot be overstated.

Here is the fabric structure:

carbon fiber fabric structure

carbon fiber fabric structure

If you need more about carbon fiber loom and carbon fiber weaving equipment . please send email or contact with us directly.


Carbon Fiber 3D Weaving Machine Standards

Key specification

Key specification of Carbon Fiber 3D Weaving Machine

Reed width (mm) 600, 1000, 1200, 1500
Max Speed 60rpm
CF width 6~8mm
CF fabric GSM 800~2000, or specified
CF range 3K, 6K, 12K
Noise ≤65dB
Bobbin diameter 200mm or as specified
Bobbin weight 4~8kg or as specified
internal diameter of spool 76/94mm or as specified
Length of spool 280mm
No. of bobbin in creel Max 960 or specified before place order


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