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Ultra Light&Thin Carbon Fiber Loom CFL1000

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Ultra Light & Thin Carbon fiber looms, also known as carbon fiber weaving machine, are used to weave various fabrics of GSM 30~200. The carbon fiber fabric woven by our CFL1000 has a smooth surface and neatly arranged carbon fibers.

Ultra Light&Thin Carbon Fiber Loom CFL1000

CFL1000 Ultra Light & Thin CF Loom is mainly used to weave thin & light CF fabrics with GSM 30~200. The equipment is composed by creels, special loom with special rapier, etc.

A positively controlled rapier head pulls the weft CF into the open weaving shed. The warp CF is provided from a warp yarn disc. The weft tapes are inserted without twist by means of the auto-disc feeder. Finally, the finished fabric is wound up either inside the machine or with an external winder. Further processing made easy: high-quality CF fabrics.

CF is an abbreviation for carbon fiber. Another carbon fiber loom for GSM 200~600.


Application of Carbon Fiber Loom

Carbon fiber is a high-strength and modulus high-temperature resistant fiber, which is a high-end variety of chemical fiber. It’s widely used in various fields. The importance of carbon fiber looms cannot be overstated.

If you need more about carbon fiber loom and carbon fiber weaving equipment . please send email or contact with us directly.


Carbon Fiber Weaving Machine Standards

Key specification

Key specification of Carbon Fiber Loom

Reed width (mm) 600, 1000, 1200
Max Speed 15rpm
CF width 6~25mm
CF fabric GSM 30~200
CF range 3K, 6K, 12K
Noise ≤60dB
Let-off motion electronic control let-off system
Power supply Electronic
Mechanical beat-up
Rapier weft insertion
Tape disc diameter 200mm or as specified
Tape disc weight Approx. 400g
No. of tape disc Max 50 or specified before place order


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