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Light Box for Color Matching BZGY908 Serials

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Color Matching Cabinet is a kind of Color matching machine. Color assessment cabinet is a universal preferred choice for fastness, closer and accuracy color matching of textiles, dyeing and garment industry. Colour Matching Cabinet complies with ASTM D1729, BS 950 PART1 etc standard.

Color Matching Cabinet BZGY908

Light box for color matching  is widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, printing, plastic, pigment, paint, ink, photography and other color fields.

Follows are colour matching light box For Color Matching specifications:

  • Use PhilipsTM and GETM lamps, PhilipsTM bulb (F light source), life-time of each lamp up to 4000h (recommended max operation time: 2000h for more accurate test result).
  • Use RamtronTM memory, with individual lighting lifetime record function and operating times record function (by on/off) (see figures in page above).
  • Manually sequence lighting function, Operators can make any combination from existing lights by easily press corresponding button of lights.
  • With energy-save function, auto power off when reach 2 hours without any operation.
  • Optional 45° fixed angel specimen stand, make assessment process more comfortable and comparable.
  • Available light source
  • MACBETH or VERIVIDE lamp can be provided.

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Application of color assessment cabinet 

Because different light sources have different radiation energy, different colors will appear when irradiated on objects. Color management in industrial production, the quality member although has carefully compare the color of the goods, but because the ambient light is not standard or do not agree with merchants used light source, can see different colors, different light goods off color is difficult to determine. Customers will complain when the color difference exceeds the standard range, or even return the goods, thus seriously affecting the company’s goodwill. The most useful way to solve the above problem is to check the color of the goods under the same light source and controllable conditions.

For example, artificial light D65 is often used as the standard light source to evaluate the color of goods in the international standard. Especially during night shift, it is especially important to use standard light source to check color deviation of goods. The standard Color match light not only provides D65 light source, but also provides TL84, CWF, UV, F, A and other light sources, with the function of testing the effect of the same color spectrum.

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Color Matching Cabinet standard

ASTM D1729 BS 950 PART1


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected]
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Color Matching Cabinet

Light types BZGY908A (6)
BZGY908C (5)
BZGY908D (6)
BZGY908E (7)
BZGY908F (8)
Light source and power BZGY908A:D65(18W),UV(18W),TL84(18W)

F (40W),CWF(18W),TL83(18W)

BZGY908B : D65(18W),UV(18W)

TL84(18W), F (40W)

BZGY908C :D65(18W),UV(18W),TL84(18W),
F (40W),CWF(18W)


BZGY908E :D65(18W),UV(18W),TL84(18W),
F(40W),A(60W),CWF(18W), TL83(18W)

BZGY908F :D65(18W),UV(18W),TL84(18W),

Power supply AC220V, 50Hz


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