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Color Fastness to Washing SW-8A/12A

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Color Fastness to Washing is also Washing Fastness Tester or Launder Ometer which is used to determine Colour fastness to washing or dry cleaning of fabrics consisting of cotton, wool, silk, ramie, chemical fiber, etc. And to examine the dye washing color fastness capability for dyeing industries, textiles inspection departments and research departments, etc.

Color Fastness to Washing SW-8A/12A  

The sample is tested under suitable temperature, washing liquid, bleaching and friction. The color changes of samples can be obtained in a short time. This friction is produced by the impact of samples and containers, low bath ratio solutions and steel balls.

The main factors affecting the test results, in the fading effect method, Its importance is in turn. : temperature, color with white cloth, fluid volume, stainless steel ball, time and the order of the stainless steel ball interaction.

The influence of temperature was the most, and the factors that were in the color white cloth had little effect. The importance in influencing the stained white cloth is the interaction of color white cloth, temperature, sodium carbonate, liquid amount, time, and stainless steel ball.

Among them, the color white cloth has the greatest influence, the temperature influence is also very big, the time and the stainless steel ball these two factors have little influence. For this reason, different test temperatures should be selected for samples of different fibers.

Follows are Color Fastness to Washing specification :

  • Chamber temperature and heating time are controlled by MCU with PID function, more excellent stability and avoid over-heating;
  • Equipped with SIEMENSTM solid-state relay to control heater, no mechanical touch point, keep constant temperature, low noise, and more endurable;
  • Digital timer with audible warning after cycle time is over;
  • Fitted with over temperature protection device to shut down the unit in case of overheating;
  • Chamber temperature and cycle time pre-settable and duly displayed on the LED panel;
  • Stainless steel construction of water bath chamber, test chamber and washing pots;
  • Equipped with water level detection and protection system for two working chamber to avoid damage for low water level.


Application of Color Fastness to Washing  

Colour Fastness to Washing is used to test the fastness of washing, dry cleaning and shrinkage resistance of cotton, wool, silk, hemp and chemical fiber.

The sample of the textile is adhered to the specified lining fabric. Then put into the standard solution, By mechanical stirring within the prescribed time and temperature conditions and rinse thoroughly and dry, We will get the color change and Color Staining compare with AATCC or ISO gray scale

The machine accords with ISO105-C01~C06, ISO105-D01, BS1006 ,IWS TM177, 193

If you need more information about Weathering Test Equipment, please contact with us.


Color Fastness to Washing Standard

ISO105-C01~C06 ISO105-D01 BS1006 IWS TM177


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