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Bursting Strength Tester YG032D

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Bursting Strength Tester also named digital Burst Strength Machine  which is widely for various kinds of textiles, non-woven fabrics, leather and other materials, The expansion of tension and the performance measurement in the warp and weft and in various directions at the same time (elastic diaphragm method).

Bursting Strength Tester YG032D

Bursting Strength Tester is used to determine the bursting strength and the bursting distension of textile fabrics, such as knitted, woven, nonwoven and laminated fabrics or other fabrics produced by other techniques. A hydraulic pressure is applied under the fabric by using a constant rate of pumping device.

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Follows are Fabric Burst Strength Test features :

  • Large touch panel with concise and clear menu, easy to operate;
  • Special tooth profile clamps ensure the sample not slip;
  • Manual griping device;
  • High quality and renewable rubber diaphragms, durable in use;
  • Print the test reports by a built-in micro-printer;
  • Comprehensive and detailed test results.

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Application of Bursting Strength Machine  

Bursting Strength Machine is Used for testing fabric bursting strength and expansion such as knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, leather etc.

Bursting Strength Machine Method:The sample is holding at an extension on the diaphragm, below the diaphragm pressure (manual liquid pressure, electric liquid pressure or gas pressure, etc.), make the diaphragm and sample expansion, increase the pressure at a constant speed, until the broken sample and measured burst strength or burst expansion ratio.

Machine meet with ISO 13938-1、ASTM D3786 etc…  If you need more information about Bursting Strength Equipment, please contact with us.


Bursting Strength Tester Standard 

ISO 13938-1 ASTM D3786 GB/T 7742.1


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Bursting Strength Machine

Bursting strength range 0~6000kPa
Bursting strength resolution 0.1kPa
Bursting strength accuracy ≤±1%
Distension range 0.1~35mm
Distension resolution 0.1mm
Load speed 10~150ml/min
Hydraulic fluid Glycerin with concentration 85%
Power supply AC220V 50Hz



Q: I would like to know the difference between the two model of “Digital bursting tester” YG032D & YG032M.


  YG032D YG032M
Clamp mode Manual Pneumatic
Suit test head 7.3cm2 Standard: 7.3cm²(Φ30.5mm)


10cm²(Φ35.7mm)  50cm²(Φ79.8mm) 100cm²(Φ112.8mm)

Test method Constant rate(CRB) test Constant rate to burst (CRB) test Constant time to burst (CTB) test Constant expansion (CE) test Constant pressure (CP) test
Range sensor Height sensor,±0.1mm Laser ranging, ±0.1%FS
Strength accuracy ≤±1%FS ±0.2%FS
Strength Unit kPa kPa, kg/cm2 , bar, lb/in2 , psi


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