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Dumbbell Sample Milling Machine XYZ

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Dumbbell Sample Milling Machine is used to prepare dumbbell-shape samples for tensile test, thermal deformation test and impact test of various plates, sheets, pipes and heterotypic materials;

Dumbbell Sample Milling Machine XYZ

Dumbbell Sample Milling Machine is used to prepare dumbbell-shaped samples for non-metal tensile test, and can prepare dumbbell-like samples of various sizes. It is efficient to make samples, accurate in size, and equipped with a cutting chip absorber device.


Application of Dumbbell Sample Milling Machine

Sample specifications:

1) GB/T 1040 “plastic tensile performance test methods specified in the” Ⅰ, type II dumbbell shape sample.

2) V samples with thickness of >6mm specified in GB 8802-88 “v softening temperature measurement method for rigid polyvinyl chloride (pvc-u) pipes and fittings” and GB 1634-79 “thermoplastic softening point test method”.

3) Total length of 250 mm or less samples, 20- 50 mm wide, Sample thick  is less 12 mm

4) Samples of other shapes required by users (special order is required).


Dumbbell Sample Milling Machine standards

GB/T 1040 GB 8802-88 GB 1634-79


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Dumbbell Sample Milling Machine

Sample thickness XYZ-12 ≤12mm
XYZ-20 ≤20mm
XYZ-20 ≤20mm
Dimensions XYZ-12: 400×400×350mm
XYZ-20: 400×400×350mm
XYZ-70: 400×400×400mm
Power supply XYZ-12: AC220V 50Hz
XYZ-20: AC220V 50Hz
XYZ-70: AC380 V 50Hz


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