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Viscosity Tester XNS-25A

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Viscosity Tester, also named Polyvinyl chloride viscometer or Cyclohexanone Dilute solution viscometer which is mainly used for the determination of the adhesion number of the cyclohexanone solution of polyvinyl chloride resin or the copolymer of vinyl chloride.

Viscosity Tester XNS-25A

Viscosity Tester is mainly used for the determination of polyvinyl chloride resin or the cyclohexanone dilute solution of the copolymer of vinyl chloride, which conforms to the requirements of GB3401 and ISO 1628-2. The product is composed of two parts: thermostatic water bath and viscometer. It has the characteristics of high temperature control precision, small temperature gradient and stable performance. This product is the enterprise production control, incoming material inspection ideal instrument.

Follows are features of Viscosity Tester

  • This machine consists of 25 ℃ + / – 0.05 ℃ temperature of waterbath and ubbelohde viscometer, constant temperature
  • Automatic temperature control, temperature control precision is high,
  • Easy to use, stable performance, reliable
  • The temperature display adopts LED digital tube, which is intuitive and clear, without visual error.


Application of Viscosity Tester

Viscosity Tester is used to determine the viscosity of polymers of PVC or PVC compositions in the cyclohexanone dilute solution. Mainly used in chemical industry, science and research institute, plastic manufacturing plant and quality control for resin.

Viscosity Tester complies with GB/T 3401, ISO 1628-2 etc international and retailer standards.

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Viscosity Tester standards

GB/T 3401 ISO 1628-2


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Viscosity Tester

Heating power 23oC±2oC
Cooling power 300W
Temperature controlling range (20~40)oC
Temperature controlling accuracy ±0.5oC
Power supply AC220V 50Hz, 2.5kW


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