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Differential Scanning Analyzer DW5460ZF

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Differential Scanning Analyzer, also named Differential Scanning Calorimeter is an intelligent and miniaturized thermal analysis instrument, mainly used to measure the changes of physical and chemical with the heat.

Differential Scanning Analyzer DW5460ZF

Differential Scanning Analyzer is especially suitable for determining the temperature of the polymer (e.g. PP-R, PE), such as extrapolated onset temperature, enthalpy change, glass transition temperature, enthalpy change ratio and so on.

Follows are features of DSC Instrument

  • Miniaturization of furnace body;
  • Heat up and cool down quickly;
  • High resolution A/D(24 bits) data acquisition;
  • Adopt intelligence temperature controller and Pt100 temperature sensor to ensure high accuracy of constant temperature;
  • Adopt digital mass flow meter and computer control of gas path switching and gas flow;
  • High accuracy low drift microvolt amplifier


Application of Differential Scanning Analyzer

Differential Scanning Analyzer application range is very wide, especially the research and development of materials, performance testing and quality control. Material properties, such as glass transition temperature, cold crystallization, phase transition, melting, crystallization, product stability, curing/crosslinking,oxidation induction period, etc., are the research field of differential scanning calorimeter.

Differential Scanning Calorimeter processes convenient computer data processing system, with a variety of analysis software, such as extrapolated onset temperature, enthalpy change, glass transition temperature, enthalpy change ratio calculation method and application of various software skills, making overall interface friendly, easy to operate.


Differential Scanning Analyzer standards

Key specification

Key specification of Differential Scanning Analyzer

DSC range ±10, ±20, ±40, ±100, ±160, ±200mW, Automatic switching
Temperature range Room temperature ~ 500℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.1℃
Heating speed 1~30℃/min
Specification of crucible Material: Aluminum,
Dimension: Φ6.7mm×2.5mm
Gas supply Nitrogen and oxygen, need to be prepared by customer
Gas flow ≤200ml/min
Gas pressure 0.2MPa
Gas control Automatic switching
Data interface USB interface
Power supply AC220V 50Hz (Ensure reliable grounding. The power supply must be maintained stable with no frequent fluctuation, in order to avoid any influence on the test result.)


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