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Electronic Yarn Cleaner SPIN7000 Serials

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Electronic Yarn Cleaner, also named yarn clearer or yarn master was designed for efficiently detecting and removing yarn faults, such as neps, short thick places, etc, on winding machines. Benefiting from more than thirty years experience engaged in yarn clearing field and unique innovated technology.

Electronic Yarn Cleaner SPIN7000 Serials

Electronic Yarn Cleaner is to meet requirements of wide application, SPIN7000 series electronic yarn clearers can not only adapt to mainstream ordinary and automatic winding machines, but also rotor spinning machines, doubling machines and so on. Below are some examples:Electronic yarn clearer for rotor spinning or Electronic yarn clearer for doubling machine.

Follows are features of Electronic Yarn Cleaner:

  • The cutter endures strict quality testing to achieve long service life over ten years;
  • It suck according to the length of yarn faults after cutting to make sure it’s clean;
  • Compatible with our SPIN3000 Yarn Faults Grader
  • Test and analyze accidental yarn faults;
  • There are 27 grades of yarn faults;
  • Yarn faults analysis expert system.


Application of Electronic Yarn Cleaner

Electronic Yarn Cleaner can be divided into photoelectric type and capacitor type according to its detection principle of yarn. They use the principle of photoelectricity or capacitance to detect and remove impurities of yarn. The detecting & cutting integrated intelligent detection head is comparable to similar imported models, achieving interchange of single spindle’s detection head; The cutting accuracy of yarn faults can still reach more than 90% at the highest speed; Standard type is capacitance detection, enhanced type is capacitance-photoelectric double sensor joint detection, automatic calibration of the overall process;Applicable automatic winding machines:

 If you need more about yarn clearer settings and electronic yarn clearer principle. please send email or contact with us directly.


Electronic Yarn Cleaner standards

Key specification

Key specification of Electronic Yarn Cleaner

Measuring method Capacitance detection
Applicable fiber type Cotton, wool, linen, silk, chemical fiber and its blended staple fiber yarn
Yarn count 4~112tex / 8~200tex
Winding speed 300~1200m/min
Max. spindle no. 6
Yarn clearing channels Nep, short thick, long thick, long thin
Power supply AC 220V±10% 50Hz


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