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Fryma Fabric Extensometer TNG13

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Fabric Extensometer, also named Electric Extensometer, Extensometer Tensile Tester or Extension Meter. FYI is one of the best fabric extension meter manufacturers in the world, we offer high quality machines with affordable price.

Fryma Fabric Extensometer  

FYI- best Fabric Extensometer manufacturer and supplier of china, we offer high quality extensometer tensile test and devoting to offering cost effective testing solutions and equipments for various industrial applications.

Fryma Fabric Extensometer which also named electronic extensometer, This instrument is design to determine stretch and recovery of textile fabrics, both knitted and woven. A very useful equipment to evaluate the stretch & recovery of woven, knitted / elastic or lycra fabric.

Follows are features of extensometer

  • Specially developed equipment to evaluate stretch or extension of woven & knitted fabrics;
  • Stretch or extension percentage can be directly evaluated from the scale;
  • Two Scale graduated, 0-50% for woven fabrics & 0-300% for knitted fabrics;
  • Stainless steel knobs for tightening the jaws for holding samples;
  • Smooth, precision-engineered components for exceptional performance;
  • Complete withal accessories-two dead weight 3kg;
  • Extension meter. Supplied with calibration & inspection certificates.


Application of Fryma Fabric Extensometer

Fryma Fabric Extensometer is used to determine the stretch and recovery of textile fabrics, at loads likely to be met in use. It can be used for knitted fabrics with extensibilities of up to 250% and for more rigid woven cloths where the use of a longer test length increases the accuracy of the test at the lower stretch.

It is not intended to test the extension at break. It is to determine the degree of extension and recovery of a fabric with the precision necessary to comply with BS 4294 1968.

The apparatus will stand on the top of any table or desk, and need not be fastened down. It is simple to operate, with reliable and consistent results being obtained.

Fryma Fabric Extension meter complies with BS 4294, etc international and retailer standards.

If you need more information about Fryma Fabric Extensometer Machine. Please contact with us


Standards of Fryma Fabric Extensometer

BS 4294


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key Specification of Fryma Fabric Extensometer

Clamping width of Jaw 10 mm
Size of Specimen Wove 220 (L) ×70 mm (W)
Size of Specimen Knitted 95 (L) × 70 mm (W)
Scale Reading Woven Fabric 0 – 50 %
Scale Reading Knitted 0 – 300 %
Dead Weight 3kg. (2 Nos.)
Dimensions 650 (L) ×130 (W) ×165 mm (H)
Weight 16kgs


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