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Gas Fume Chamber FY015

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FYI is the best Gas Fume Chamber supplier in the world, there is very few company manufacture Gas fume chamber in the world. We offer good quality products with affordable price. The Gas Fume Chamber is of independent R&D, we provide not only good quality products, but also best after sales service.

Gas Fume Chamber FY015

We provide reasonable price and high quality Gas Fume Chamber.All of testing instruments manufactured by FYI factory are well-known throughout China and more than 50 countries abroad for providing superior value and performance.

Follows are features of gas fume test chamber

  • Bunsen burner is imported abroad;
  • Chamber, rotating components & accessories, gas duct are made of SUS304 material;
  • Applicable to all fabrics (not including loose fibers);
  • Exhaust fan runs automatically to exhaust air out of the testing chamber to maintain the temperature; the precondition is constant temperature environment of 20°;
  • This gas fume chamber with transparent window.


Application of Gas Fume Chamber

Gas Fume Chamber is used to determine the colorfastness of all textiles (not including loose fibers) when exposed to atmospheric oxides of nitrogen derived form the combustion of chemically-pure butane gas or town manufactured gas. This machine with Transparent window and easy to observer the change .

Gas Fume Chamber complies with GB/T 11039.2, AATCC 23, ISO 105-G02 etc international and retailer standards.

If you need more information about Gas Fume Chamber Machine. Please contact with us


Standards of Gas Fume Chamber

GB/T 11039.2 AATCC 23 ISO 105-G02

Key specification

Key specification of gas fume chamber

Revolving speed of sample rack 2r/min
Test chamber Made of SUS, interior diameter of 550mm
Number of bars for mounting sample 6
Test temperature ≤60℃
Sample size 40×100mm
Gas required Butane gas (Chemically pure) or town manufactured gas
Dimensions 650×620×820mm (L×W×H)
Weight Approx. 75kg


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