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Lab Twisting Machine DW7051H

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Lab Twisting Machine, also named Twister-Lab Production of Staple Yarn ,Lab Twisting Frame , is laboratory equipment used in post spinning process for twisting multiple single yarns into one folded yarn. It belongs to Mini Spinning system .

12 Spindles Laboratory Twisting Machine is used to twist plied yarn into folded yarns through ring spinning and twisting. It’s the ideal system for teaching, researching, etc.

Lab Twisting Machine DW7051H

We provide high quality lab twisting machine with reasonable price. Spare parts are all in readiness to avoid long delivery time when ordering.

Lab twisting machine is one of the lab equipments used in post spinning process. It’s suitable for twisting two or more single yarns into one folded yarn. The stranding and twisting processes can be completed in one time. The direction of the twist can be changed between S and Z twists. It adopts PLC & touch screen control method and safety device, easy and safe to operate.

Follows are features of Cotton Mini Twisting Machine:

  • Use touch screen as man-machine interface, digitally and conveniently set test parameters such as rotation speed of spindle, twist value and twist direction, etc., and show machine run state on the touch screen;
  • Mini-type design, easy to clean and maintain;
  • English and Chinese can be switched freely.


Application of lab twisting machine

Lab twisting machine is used for twisting two or more single yarns into one folded yarn. It’s suitable for cotton, wool and blend fiber.

The machine must be separately grounded. It is best not to ground with other equipment. (We recommend using two metal rods about 2 meters that 2.5meters far away hit into the ground, who’s upper connected with a wire and then connected to the ground terminal of the machine. One month after the initial installed, we should check all operating parts, adjust the belt tension, check the roller bearings and fasten screws. Each half a year later, we must check roller bearings, replace spindles and other lubricants, adjust the belt tension and change worn components.

If you need more information about Cotton Mini Twisting Machine, please contact us.


Lab twisting machine standards 

Key specification

Key specification of lab twisting machine

Control method Touch screen + PLC
Suitable fiber Cotton, wool and blending
Number of spindles 6, 12 or specified
Spindle speed Max. 10,200RPM
Spindle gauge 75mm
Upper roller diameter Φ57mm
Lower roller diameter Φ42mm
Lower roller speed Max. 10m/min
Lifting 205mm
Twist direction S/Z
Twist range 200~2,000T/m
Twist error ±5%
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz 2KW
Package dimension 1250×740×1970mm(L×W×H) for 12 spindles
Weight 450kg

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