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Ring Spinning Machine DW7040H

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Ring Spinning Machine, also named small spinning machine or fiber spinning machine which is a lab spinning machine that draws, twists, and winds semi-finished roving into spun yarn during spinning.Spinning machine for small community mills and textile laboratories .Small yarn Spinning Machine is used to spin roving to be spun yarn through drafting and ring spinning. It’s the ideal system for teaching, researching, etc. laboratory ring spinning machine has cotton spinning machine and wool spinning machine. Customer should confirm their fiber length in advance to order correct machine.

Ring Spinning Machine DW7040H

We provide high quality Ring spinning Machine with reasonable price. Spare parts are all in readiness to avoid long delivery time when ordering small yarn spinning machine .

Small yarn spinning machine is a lab spinning machine that draws, twists, and winds semi-finished roving into spun yarn during spinning. The roving are drawn evenly to the required linear density, then the drafted fiber strands are added with appropriate twist to give the yarn a certain strength, elasticity, gloss and other physical and mechanical properties. Finally, the spun yarn is wound, convenient for transport, store and subsequent processing.

Follows are features of Small yarn spinning machine :

  • PLC + touch screen, easy to learn and operate;
  • Use touch screen as man-machine interface, digitally set test parameters, such as rotation speed of spindle, draft ratio, twist and twist direction, etc., and show machine run state on the touch screen;
  • Mini-type design, easy to clean, set and maintain;
  • English and Chinese can be switched freely.



Application of Ring Spinning Machine

Lab ring spinning frame is the ideal machine for teaching and researching, having small size, high automation, simple operation and stable performance. It’s suitable for cotton fiber and blend fiber of 18~42mm length.

Make sure the driving part of the machine has no obvious abnormalities as well as drafting part and the spindle part have no yarn and other debris when the equipment is operating. Fiber and staple fiber will produce flyings in the spinning process, so we recommend that use dust removal device in the workshop; The power supply to the machine is required to be AC220V 50Hz , please connect the machine to the right power supply, otherwise, it will be harmful to the machine;

If you need more information about ring frame machine process ,small yarn spinning machine, please contact us.


Ring Spinning Machine standards 

Key specification

Key specification of Ring Spinning Machine

Suitable fiber type Cotton fiber, blend fiber of 18~42mm length
Control mode PLC & touch screen
Number of spindles 6
Density of yarn 6~99tex (6~100Ne)
Twist range 200~2000T/m
Twist S/Z
Draft range Approx. 2~50
Draft control Automatic
Rotation speed of spindle 1000~12000RPM
Spindle gauge 70mm
Spindle length 205mm
Output per hour 0.25-1 kg
Ring diameter Ф42mm
Upper rollers diameter Front roller 30mm, middle roller 25mm, back roller 30mm
Lower rollers diameter Front roller 25mm, middle roller 25mm, back roller 25mm
Distance between cotton rollers between front and middle rollers: 44~73mm, manually-adjustable’
Front between back: max. 140mm, manually-adjustable
Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz
Package dimension 820×760×1940mm(L×W×H)

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