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laboratory carding machine DW7010HB

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Laboratory Carding Machine, also named miniature carding machine or Mini Carding machine which is the step that comes after Lab Opener in preparing cotton fiber for mill spinning.Carding machine for small community mills and textile laboratories. Our carding machine to process fibers like sheep wool, alpaca etc.. Feed cotton fiber to make carding and remove the impurities, then output cotton sliver.laboratory carding machine has cotton carding machine and small wool carding machine .FYI supply best miniature carding machine machine for sale.

Laboratory Carding Machine DW7010HB

FYI are mini carding machine manufacturers which provide high quality Laboratory Carding machine  with reasonable price. Spare parts are all in readiness to avoid long delivery time when ordering.

Mini carding machine is used to comb loose fiber cleaned and opened through the previous opener to produce sliver in lab. It mainly consists of cotton feeding, carding, stripping& coiling and bottom material collecting devices. The main function of the cotton feeding and the licker-in section is to feed the cotton layer into the machine, hold the cotton layer, and remove impurities and short fibers. The fibers that had been preliminarily combed by the licker-in roll are further carefully combed between the cover plates and cylinder to remove some finer impurities and short fibers. Doffer condenses the combed fibers into a fiber layer. Uniform and mix effects are achieved during the carding and coagulation process. The function of the stripping device is to strip the fiber layer condensed on the surface of the doffer to make the cotton web. The function of the coiling device is to take the sliver output from the stripping rollers, pull it through small pressure rollers, press it tightly, and then pass through the coiler to the can.

Follows are features of laboratory carding machine:

  • High-efficiency imported frequency converter, PLC and touch screen;
  • Use touch screen as man-machine interface, digitally select test parameters, such as cylinder and doffer speed, output speed and feeding speed conveniently and show machine run state on the touch screen;
  • Mini-type design, easy to clean, set and maintain.


Application of laboratory carding machine

Laboratory Cotton Carding Machine is used to comb loose fibers cleaned and opened through the previous opener to produce sliver in lab.

The task of the carding process is accomplished by a carding machine. The degree to which the cotton bundles are separated into single fibers on the carding machine is closely related to the strength of the yarns and the stems. The effect of impurity removal determines the nep and impurities of the yarn to a large extent. Lab carding machine is used to feed cotton fiber to make carding and remove the impurities, then output cotton sliver. It’s the ideal machine for teaching, researching, etc.

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Standards of laboratory carding machine

Key specification

Key specification of laboratory carding machine

Width 260mm
Control Touch screen + PLC
Length of suitable fiber 22~42mm
Feed volume About 0.25-0.6kg per hour
Feed roller diameter Φ57mm
Speed 0.281-0.478rpm
Diameter of doffer Φ160mm
Speed of doffer 260.4-885.4rpm
Diameter of cylinder Φ300mm
Speed of cylinder 500~850rpm
Number of cover plates 12
Can size Φ250*550mm
Power supply AC 220V 50HZ, 1200W
Dimension 2100×800×1300mm(L×W×H)
Package dimension 2200×900×1550mm(L×W×H)
Weight 500kg

3 reviews for laboratory carding machine DW7010HB

  1. Hamed

    The design is good, i like it

  2. Ahamd Randawa

    Very very good, if you can come, that is much better

  3. Cathy Clark

    I ordered my new machine a few weeks ago and have been using it for about a week and I couldn’t be happier with it. Since I didn’t see a way to post a review I wanted to come back here and let you know how pleased I am. Thank you!

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