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Nep and Short fiber Tester XJ129

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Nep and Short fiber Tester is a rapid instrument of measuring nep numbers and short fiber contents of raw cotton or cotton sliver, shows nep classification and short fiber index at same time. It is applied to textile enterprises, cotton testing departments, cotton trading organizations, cotton breeding departments, and institutes, etc units which need to measure nep and short fiber index of cotton.

Nep and Short fiber Tester 

Nep and Short fiber Tester of Cotton Spinning Machine is the only product which can replace import and meet the need of cotton quality structural reform instrumentation 。

Nep and Short fiber Tester is very important to improve scientific and authority of cotton quality inspection,

It will help cotton testing department adjust cotton quality objectively fairly and guide textile enterprise in cotton assorting.

It will make good use of cotton materials.

Follows are Nep & Short fiber Tester specification :

  • A large quantity of nep testing sampling (5g or 10g), testing result is more typical.
  • End aligned length measurement achieves real effective measurement to short fiber.
  • Creatively devised carding mechanism.
  • Cotton ribbon is made to even thickness that improves consistency and accuracy of short fiber content.
  • Function of diagnosing is comprehensive and use conveniently.
  • It has functions of span length and free choosing short fiber standard.


Application of Nep and Short fiber Tester 

The content of cotton knots and short pile of cotton or sliver has an important influence on the quality and production process of textile products. Too many knots. Short pile rate is too high also can cause the textile enterprise product manufacture rate to reduce. Reduced productivity can also lead to the production of substandard yarn and substandard fabrics.

Nep and Short fiber Tester principle :

Firstly, the cotton was separated by the method of mechanical comb under the action of card structure and negative pressure obtained.

The cotton is sufficiently separated to form a fibrous stream. The fiber containing the knots is circulated through the junction photoelectric sensor for detection

The output model is sampled and processed at high speed to obtain the quantity and size information of cotton knots

Based on the principle of one end neatness.  After sampling with the machine cotton tape or sliver through the sampler, a neat fiber bundle at one end is obtained, which is then scanned by the photoelectric image sensor to obtain the image curve. According to the curve, the distribution of fiber length and all indexes of short wool were obtained.

Key Specification

Key specification of Nep and Short fiber Tester 

Whole machine power supply: AC 220V±10%, 1KW, 380V±10%, 5KW
air source pressure: 0.6Mpa, power consumption < 5m3/h
using environment: 22±3℃, (65±33)RH%
testing speed < 6 min(each sample)
Nep test 1) total numbers of nep
2) nep numbers per gram
3) seed coat of nep
4) nep types and classifications
5) statistics of every parameter (average,
max, min, SD, CV%)
Short fiber test weight of short fiber content SFC(w)
number of short fiber content SFC(n)
effective length Leff
span length 3%L 50%L weight
distribution and number distribution
graph of length
Statistics of each parameter (average,
max, min, SD, CV% )
Range and accuracy nep testing range: 50~3000 μm
size testing accuracy: 50 μm
length error: ±0.5mm
short fiber content error: ±2%
testing range: 55mm
short fiber standard: 12.7mm 16mm (or
set by user freely)


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