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Pitch Melt Spinning Machine DW7090D

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Pitch Melt Spinning Machine ,also name FDY Melt Spinning Machine or UDY Melt Spinning Machine which is ideal small size spinning machine of FDY, suitable for small batch spinning or proofing and development of varieties in chemical fiber factories and research institutes.

Pitch Melt Spinning Machine DW7090D

Pitch Melt spinning machine is a main chemical fiber spinning machine, suitable for producing PP, PA, PET; etc.

Follows are features of melt spinning machine:

  • It is suitable for PP, PA, PET;
  • Melting material is controlled by pressure sensor and temperature sensor;
  • Electric heating system;
  • Air-cooling system with air filter;
  • Chromium plating and polishing electric heating godet.

Screw section

  1. Melting rotary extruder Model φ25;
  2. Standard screw diameter: 25mm;
  3. Standard screw length: 30 x diameter;
  4. Mixing section: Special design of mixing device;
  5. Mixing head: about 3 x diameter;
  6. The highest temperature in the three heating districts: 320°C;
  7. Heating power: about 2.5kw total;
  8. Extrusion drive: AC motor 4kw;
  9. Water cooling at the feed opening;

Extrusion measuring head

District 1 electric heating up to 320 °C, a melt pressure measuring sensor, a temperature control sensor;

Melting connecting pipe

Metering pump

  1. Mounting power: about 0.75kw;
  2. Metering pump capacity: Approx. 2.4cc/rev;
  3. Electric heating to 320°C: Heating power 3kw;


Application of Pitch Melt Spinning Machine

Melt spinning machine refers to the machine use melt spinning method to produce synthetic fiber. Pitch Melt Spinning Machine Suitable for high polymers with melting point lower than decomposition temperature, such as polyamide, polyester, polyolefin, etc. Is one of the most important melt spinning methods.

Melt spinning Process:

Curing process refers to the transformation from spinning fluid to solid polymer, which is one of the most important parts of fiber forming. Curing process contains many structural materials and macro properties of irreversible change, in the aspect of structure such as molecular orientation, crystallization, etc., while the macro properties such as viscosity, modulus, strength, etc.

The forming of melt spinning, that is, the heat transfer of the filament, thereby solidifying the process. The curing rate is controlled by the cooling of the spinning line during the heat transfer process of the fine flow and the surrounding medium, accompanied by crystallization and molecular orientation. In polymer solvent binary system dry spinning, when the spinning fluid is transformed into solid fiber, in addition to heat transfer, there is also mass transfer. That is, in the drying process of spinning fluid, heat transfer, simultaneous solvent volatilization, polymer crystallization, molecular orientation and network structure gelatinization formation. And wet spinning is more complex, multi-component diffusion, followed by the change and the structure of polymer precipitation, crystallization, gel, in some cases, even accompanied by chemical reactions.


Pitch Melt Spinning Machine standards

Key specification

Key specification of Pitch Melt Spinning Machine

Mounting power about 0.75kw;
Metering pump capacity Approx. 2.4cc/rev;
Electric heating to 320°C:
Heating power 3kw;
Temperature range: 70~200°C;
Diameter: 125mm;
Length: 125mm;
Speed range 100~500m/min;

1 review for Pitch Melt Spinning Machine DW7090D

  1. Kelly Nixon

    Receive the machine! Good product. We will continue to cooperate with the melt spinning machine suppiler if the machine is good in running.

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