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Polymer Fiber Lab Scale Melt Spinning Machine DW7090A

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DW7090A Polymer Fiber Lab Scale Melt Spinning Machine is suit for preparing various polymer fiber. It is more suit for lab research and University use for mass or small production .
Melt spinning machine can up to temperature 400℃.This Pitch polymer fiber melt spinning machine is designed for laboratory use to make small amounts of component fiber from small amounts of polymer by melting method .
It equipped with micron or nanometer diameter spinneret plate to winded onto the winding wheel. The pitch melt spinning machine is intended for developing the process of the producing Polyester, Polyamide, fiber by the melt spinning method.

Polymer fiber lab scale Melt Spinning Machine DW7090A

Polymer fiber lab scale melt spinning machine DW7090A uses high temperature copper ,It heat and melt the polymer sample.
Spinning Process is including belows :
1.The polymer was heated and melted by a three-stage cast copper heating ring,
2. The gas was compressed to protect the gas continuously and quantitatively.
3.And extrude it to be liquid trickle through the spinneret plate on condition of inert gas N2 pressure. 4.The liquid trickle is cooled and drawn to be the nascent fiber. .
5 It is extruded evenly from the capillary pores of the spinneret and becomes a liquid stream and then forming the primary fiber under the condensation of air.The nascent fibers is winded onto the winding wheel.

The supplied Carbon Fiber melt spinning machine should consist of designed to melt the polymer, the filter, the metering pump, the spinneret , or the complex of the spinnerets and winding device. Melt is extruded by high-pressure inert gas up to  25 bar which three  30 Segment programmable temperature controllers

Spinning machine including wet spinning machine DW7091A . It also including Melt spining machine DW7090G
Video link of DW7090A melt spinning machine :


Application of Polymer Fiber Lab Scale Melt Spinning Machine

Lab Melt Spinning Machine is used for spinning chemical fiber by melting polyester.Fiber melt spinning machine including rotation winding system and Jetting device.The machine is suitable for the teaching experiment with small amount or development research .Melt spinning machine with PLC touch screen control panel which easy to use in the laboratory of scientific research institutions , multi-hole extrusion die is available up to 32 holes upon request at extra cost, Larger melting chamber and heater up to 5 Liter is available upon request.DW7090A Laboratory Melt Spinning Machine is applicable to verify the spinning possibility of materials with melting point below 350℃ and explore the spinning performance parameters of materials

Extensible structure, can add melt pump, mixing function, etc.
With a see-through organic glass door, convenient for observation;
The feed cylinder made of thickened 316 stainless steel, making heating more uniform;
The temperature of material is monitored in real time, with highest heating temperature up to 400℃, accurate controlling accuracy of ±0.5℃;
Extensible structure, can add melt pump, mixing function, etc.


Standard of Polymer Fiber Lab Scale Melt Spinning Machine 

Key specification

Key specification of Polymer Fiber Lab Scale Melt Spinning Machine 

Spinneret plate Dia. 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm optional
L: D: 2:1~3:1Standard single hole diameter is 0.15mm
Orifice Spinneret Optional: multi-hole extrusion die is available up to 32 holes upon request at extra cost
Pressure range ≤ 1.6Mpa (required air source ≤ 13Mpa)
Highest heating temperature 400℃
High precision temperature sensor Controlling accuracy ±0.5℃
Control panel PLC touch screen
Material  SS316
heating temperature: 3 zones heating with 350 ℃
Rotary winding system
Synchronous pulley drive the fiber-collecting roller (Drive ratio: 2:1)
Speed range 0~1400r/min, adjustable
Max. diameter of winding 320mm (including winding roller)
Winding roller diameter 200mm (outer diameter)
Total power 3KW
Winding speed 10-50m/min adjustable
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz
Warranty One year warranty
Outside dimension 700×700×1700mm (L×W×H)
Weight 300KG




Q:We are most interested in the basic model which is DW7090A. Is the machine suitable for polyester?

A: This machine can spin polyester.

9 reviews for Polymer Fiber Lab Scale Melt Spinning Machine DW7090A

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  3. BarrySnica

    Fast shipping and nice machine. Recommend.

  4. Ryan Larry

    Amazing product, I would like to ask if you could give me a quotation for this melt spinning machine.

  5. Mark Woods

    Perfect video , I know how to operate my melt spinning machine now.

  6. Lina campe

    I like your machine

  7. Tery

    After a bit of searching work, I found this melt spinning machine is what i want…looks great when delivered

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    Great,good blog

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    Can i get more about your melt spinning machine

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